Crimson Skies is the FASA game of air combat in an alternate-history 1937. (The old web site with lots of universe detail has been removed; there's a mirror here.)

This site deals with the Crimson Skies boardgame, published by the now-defunct FASA Corporation. Crimson Skies is a trademark of FASA Interactive, and is used here without permission but with respect.

The Skyworks program is a free full aircraft design and record-sheet printing system for Unix/Perl machines, which is known also to run under ActiveState's Perl for Windows.

I have recently collaborated on some campaign rules for a continuing game with multiple player groups.

Many of the aircraft in Crimson Skies have real-world equivalents; this is my attempt to reconcile them as much as possible.

Here is a bitmapped map of the Disunited States, something strangely missing from the published source material. More recently I have modified this SVG map from Wikipedia to reflect the new country borders: here is the SVG version, with a JPEG here. Note that this latter version reflects my own variant of the universe, which does not include the disintegration of Canada.

There are also some brief notes on Role-playing in the Crimson Skies world; these continue to be amended. At present, character generation is substantially complete, as are the basic skill and combat mechanics. A certain amount is owed to the GDW House System, particularly in regard to character generation.

However, those are unlikely to be developed any further, as I'm now running a Crimson Skies campaign under GURPS.

Here also is a catalogue of the aircraft listed in the various sourcebooks, as well as some of my own designs, for purposes of finding quickly an aircraft with particular characteristics.