Crimson Skies campaign rules

Roger Burton West and Peter Edge
3 June 2001

Table of Contents

1. Setup

Each group starts with 3 leader-wingman pairs; leaders are built on 450 points, wingmen on 350. The group also has an initial treasury of $40,000, some or all of which may be spent on purchasing and arming aircraft. It is not required that every pilot have an aircraft.

2. Battles

Leader-wingman pairs may not be split except when one of the pilots is dead or otherwise unavailable. Planes may be allocated freely between pilots.

Any two or more players may agree to have a battle on whatever terms they see fit (including maximum number of combatants, terrain, etc.). Typical missions would be a bombing raid, attacking a zeppelin, or just a general-purpose dogfight. Players must agree on a victory condition which will not allow all players to claim victory. The ground over which the engagement is fought must be designated "friendly" to one side or none.

Before the battle:

Winning the game is worth 20 xp to each pilot on the winning side.

Pilots who bail out over non-friendly territory, or who are injured during the fight or on landing (constitution loss) will be unavailable for that group's next mission.

Unused rockets may be stored in inventory. Unused ammo is lost in training.

Relative ranking of groups is based on (total xp of all members x 10) + (treasury + book value of inventory).

3. Schedule

Normal schedule is one engagement per two weeks. May be accelerated if all participating players agree.

On the first of each campaign month,

4. Between games

4.1. Calculate takings

Flight pay is normally $500 per plane per mission. Pilots who flee will collect only $250; those who die are paid in full. This money may be contributed to the group treasury.

The group as a whole receives, after each mission in which it fights, $7,000 (plus $1,000 per mission in which it has been on the winning side, minus $1,000 per mission in which it has been on the losing side). (Minimum $2,000.)

Specific missions may carry additional bounty for the winning side; this is to be agreed between the players. (Typically: $10,000 for capturing a civilian zeppelin (sale of cargo, ransom fees); $3,000 per cargo plane successfully escorted.)

4.2. Replace dead pilots

Pilots who are killed may be replaced. Replacement pilots are built on as many points as the least-experienced member of the group, as modified by the group's PR rating.

If a flight leader is killed but the wingman survives, the wingman moves to flight leader status. Empty slots are then filled with new pilots.

4.3. Purchase aircraft

An aircraft takes one week to arrive.

4.4. Sell equipment

Equipment or aircraft may be sold for 70% of their purchase cost.

5. Support crew

10 support points are free; any more than that must be paid for at $1,000/month. 2 points gives "average" level.

5.1. Mechanics

Mechanic-minutes are used for repairing aircraft and tuning them before a battle. Routine maintenance is considered to take place automatically.

points value
1 1500 mechanic-minutes per week
2 2400 mechanic-minutes per week
3 3300 mechanic-minutes per week
4 4200 mechanic-minutes per week

Tuning takes 60 mechanic-minutes and is at no intrinsic cost (though the $100 for a +1 bonus may be paid). This must be done just before a fight, and may therefore not be available for all missions - but if it is done, it may take place before selection of aircraft.

5.2. Public relations

Publicising a positive image of the group helps to attract more competent pilots to replace those who are lost in action.

points value
1 Factor 0.8
2 Factor 1; possibility of sponsorship on 10+
3 Factor 1.2; possibility of sponsorship on 9+
4 Factor 1.4; possibility of sponsorship on 8+

Factor applies to the XP value of a new pilot. Subtract 0.1 from this for each pilot lost in the previous month.

Sponsored aircraft may not cost more than $10,000 dry, are loaded with weapons of the player's choice at no extra cost, and must be returned after the mission. If the aircraft is lost it must be paid for at 50% discount; if not, money equal to ($20 x experience earned) will be paid to the group.

5.3. Investments

points value
1 Books are more or less in order
2 1% cash gain per month (gilts)
3 as above, or (50+ d10x10)% of investment returned.
4 as above, or (2d10x10)% of investment returned.

The player designates the amount of money to be invested at level 3 or 4. Any surplus money is considered invested at level 2. Check investments on the first day of each campaign month.

5.4. Medical support

points value
1 Recover 1 CON point per fortnight. pilots unavailable on 1-
2 Recover 1 CON point per week
3 +1 to sonic/flare CON saves
4 +1 to sonic/flare CON saves, no downtime after wounding