Many thanks to John Dallman and Phil Masters for spotting various correlations.

Crimson Skies aircraft images are probably copyright by Microsoft. These are taken from their "design a Crimson Skies web site" pack.

Hughes Bloodhawk Henschel P.75
Curtiss-Wright P2 Warhawk Blohm & Voss P.170.01
Ravenscraft Coyote Kalinin K-12
Grumman E-1C Avenger (resembles smaller version of) Douglas B-18
Hughes-Lockheed Firebrand (resembles) Lippisch P.04-106 (apart from wing shape and low tailplane)
McDonnell S2B Kestrel (resembles) Belyayev DB-LK and Messerschmitt BF109Z
Fairchild F6II Brigand (resembles) Grushin Sh-Tandem MAI-3
Focke-Wulf Hellhound (somewhat resembles a larger) Heinkel P.1076
Sanderson FB14 Vampire (inspired by) BMW Schnellbomber II
Curtiss-Wright J2 Fury (front half inspired by) Vought F4U Corsair
Bristol Balmoral (variant of) Bristol Beaufighter
Whittly & Douglas M210 Raven (no match, Henschel-derived)
Hughes P21-J MkIII Devastator (no match, Henschel-derived)
Bell Valiant Mk II (no match)
Marquette PR-1 Defender (no match)
William and Colt Peacemaker 370 (no match)