Skyworks is a Perl/Tk program which is an enhanced and extended replacement for the Cadet program available from the official Crimson Skies web site. While it has only been tested under Linux, it does apparently work under Windows using ActiveState Perl, which is a free download. (Printing won't work directly, though; you'll need to save a PostScript file, and then use GhostScript or similar software to feed it to the Windows printing system.)

Skyworks' features include:

Planned features for future versions are:

You will need the following perl modules from CPAN:

Download skyworks v0.33

This software is supplied free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence. It is fully functional and free of nags. If you wish to contribute to the author, which is not by any means obligatory, please consider buying something from the author's wishlist.

Known bugs:

Release notes:


Main design box:

main design screenshot

Aircraft search box:

aircraft search screenshot

Aircraft arming box:

aircraft arming screenshot