Cast for Firefly/Genesys

(Images from This Person Does Not Exist except as credited)

Regular Cast

Agatha Chen Bartlett, captain fallen on hard times (played by Mike C, image of Sui He)
"Smokey" MacNiece, professional pilot (played by Dave D, image of Richard Widmark)
Merv Baker, inquisitive mechanic (played by Peter E, image of Gabby Hayes)
Dan Minsky, pragmatic medic (played by John H, image of Heath Ledger)
Falco Konstantin, public relations (played by Dr Bob, image of Travis Fimmel)



Mostly Honest Stan, merchant factor
Richard Henslow, nervous courier ⛼
Patience, Mayor of Whitefall (played by Bonnie Bartlett)


"Sand and Beef Stew"

Izem Zerhouni, restaurateur
Chris Zerhouni, restaurateur
Xingyi Zerhouni, restaurateur
Chun Zerhouni, restaurateur in training
Blaž Kraljić, salvage specialist ⛼
Cristiano Griffin, enthusiastically thuggish cop on Lilac
Mick McCracken, tired cop on Lilac
Spartak Samuel, bemused legal functionary in governor's office
Gordon Chugunov, governor of Lilac


"Nun Runners"

Greg Kendal, Niška's thug
Petros O'Hanigan, gambling man
Dorothea, companion-in-training
Nyima Tsarong, abbess
Aaron Marlowe, squatter


"Family Business"

Qiang Heng Bartlett, captain's cousin
Bennett Hicks, military surplus contractor ⛼


"Space and Light and Order"

Qiang Heng Bartlett, captain's cousin
Gus Russell, coughing sifter
Bernard Nagel, Barrowclough asteroid miner
Terentius Lennartsson, Blue Sun vice-president ⛼
Evren Chaudhri, Blue Sun science team leader


"And All the Brothers Too"

Chia-Hao Táng, missing captain ⛼
Random street urchin, honest
Anastasia Niška (or Gurick), wayward daughter
Badger, sad little king of a sad little hill (played by Mark Shepherd)
Adelai Niška (or Gurick), crime boss (played by Michael Fairman) ⛼


"Voices in the Dark"

Cicely Jiang, scrapper ⛼
Jeff Kelsey, scrapper ⛼
Patrick Roach, scrapper ⛼
Newton Zhao, scrapper ⛼