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Sunday 8 September 2019

Juan and Jade convert the Lamborghini into no-questions-asked cash.
Natasha goes out looking for the goths of Sunbeam, eventually finding them lurking near the local Church of God and pointedly Not Going In. She takes them for tea and talks about what it means to be a witch, and how most of this is derived from the concept of “woman with her own independent existence”. She doesn’t moralise, but it’s clear that she doesn’t think love spells and such like are a good idea. (The counterargument, that there’s a limited supply of cute boys and they have to compete somehow, gets suggestions about how to learn a bit of mundane technique.)
Ruth gets her ex-colleagues at the FBI to look up the plate on the third car at the camp, a Ford Ka; it’s registered to a Peter Michaels (appearance consistent with the vampire), a sacked veterinary assistant (reading between the lines, they think he was stealing and selling drugs, but they didn’t have enough evidence to call in the police) with white-supremacist connections.
That evening, the group attends Jade’s gig with The Tigers, a local bar band.
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