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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Natasha finds a note in her mailbox: “Check out Saint Vincent’s”, i.e. the biggest hospital in town. Looking back, she sees a shadowy (deliberately cloaked) figure dropping it off at night, and gets an impression of a bright orange car or SUV.
Jesus looks at public and non-public records; there doesn’t seem to be any sudden spike in deaths or other adverse outcomes. He also gets into the security camera network.
Natasha, Juan and Jade drive downtown, supposedly to buy teaching materials from a supply house nearby (the place is quite large, and surrounded by ancillary medical-related businesses). Natasha gets a feeling of a black stain leaking from the hospital; it’s quite fuzzy, but the centre seems to be at one corner of one of the large buildings; checking the map suggests that depending on which floor it might be maternity, medical imaging, or out-patient geriatrics..
Juan looks into the cleaners; the public areas are handled by the usual contract staff, while specifically medical-related cleaning uses a different company.