Guest Cast for Hurricane Season

(all images from This Person Does Not Exist)



Mystery Woman at Airport
Lewis Russell, chemistry student (vamped, deceased)
Pete Michaels, veterinary assistant ⛼
Mark Gabriel, retired artilleryman ⛼


"In Which the Demon"

Hector Vargas, "Talent Agent"
Angelina Alvarez, escort
Tina Alvarez, escort
Andrew Mackenzie, pastor
Tiffany Adams, kidnapped cheerleader


"Mr. Good"

Alon Bueno, nurse and necromancer ⛼
Jim Crosby, bicycle courier ⛼


"The Monster Maker"

Jimmy Lopez, amateur bank robber
William Dittmar, unknowing patsy
Trinidad Miguez, careless witch


"The Road to Doomsday"

Bob Balboni, B&B Couriers
Cordelia Vasquez, bicycle courier
Marcie Donovan, suburban housewife (?)
Julie Taggart, suburban preacher ⛼?
Zara Webster, divorcée and possible murderer
Barry Samuels, Five Guys shift manager
Kevin Sharp, Home Depot garden equipment salesman
Miles Kemp, Home Depot security guard


"Beneath the Skin"

Raoul Benoit, part-time cigarette smuggler
Megan Knight ("Ophelia"), missing UNF student ⛼
Marcus Burns, failed lawyer ⛼
Lt Gaspar de la Rosa, Narcotics
Det. Duane Humphries, Narcotics ⛼
Tiffany Adams, skin-changer ⛼



Reuben Albertson, museum director
Alex Munroe, traumatised security guard
Leo Kennedy, missing security guard ⛼
Charlie Lundgren, suspected drug lord
David Lynwood, successful businessman
Damian Merrill, lowlife ⛼
Cat Niemec, college student, ran away to New Orleans
Jorge Márquez, college student ⛼
Tim Simons, fence ⛼