Worlds known to Kunigonde Stoutenburgh

Roger Bell_West
13 March 2019


Newton X (our Home): Normal mana; Quantum 4

Newton X B1: No mana

Solitude Low mana; several thousand BC (perhaps 1500); few humans

Henry V: Low mana; Quantum 7; 1418

Sans-Newton: 1745; Quantum 9; Normal mana; Centran assistance to the Jacobite rebellion; Astrologers

Farm Production 18 Quantum 9; No Mana; Centran base world for operations on Sans-Newton

Napoleon Total War: Low mana; 1806; Quantum 6

Etruscan Rome: Low mana; Quantum 3; 55BC; Roman Road +5

Jewish Rome: High mana; Quantum 4; 75AD; Roman Road +4; Considered heavily classified by Infinity

Dictator: Quantum 3; 230AD; Low mana; Roman Road +3

Roma Nil Magia or Johnson's Rome: No Mana; Quantum 5; Emperor Mark Anthony V; 1206AD; Roman Road +2

Rome Unfallen: also Second Empire; Low mana; Quantum 10; Roman Road +1; 823AD

Cabal-Rome or Antonia's Rome: 249AD (experiential) / 1701AD (stellar); Normal Mana; Roman Road 0

Roma Mechana/Mechanica: 180AD; Low mana; Quantum 4; Roman Road -1

Roma - Il Duce: aka Italian Police; Low mana; Quantum 2; 1934; Roman Road -2

Skywhale: Low Mana, possibly air-aspected; 1350; damp; Quantum 8; Roman Road -3

Astral Rome or Ur-Rome: High Mana; Roman Road -4 at present but variable

Matriarchal Rome: Unknown Mana; Roman Road -5

New Renaissance: Low mana; Apparently not on the road; Atomick aircraft; Quantum 7; 1962

New Renaissance B4: No mana; Quantum 7; 1921, pre-divergence

Shikaku-Mon: No Mana; Quantum 3; Leading Edge 2032; Industrial-faecal odour; Unfamiliar architecture; Terrified Infinity personnel

Shikaku-Mon B1: Low Mana; 2003; Quantum 4

Machen: Low mana; Quantum 7; 1904; Potential Centrum invasion

Mr Collins' World / Halley's World: Rebellious Americans; Television; Communists; Low mana; 1986; Quantum 7

President Formby: 1984; Quantum 4; Normal mana; Malleable reality

Annio's World: Quantum 6; Medici Florence; 1502; Low Mana, High (but slow) for enchantment

Nostradamus: Quantum 3; 1602; normal Mana; on the Chronobahn; Substantial Nazi presence

Neolithic-1: Quantum 3; Normal mana; 10,000BC (hypothesised); Stone-age dwellings on the Chronobahn

CFIO-1: Quantum 3; Low mana; Early twentieth century (hypothesised); Westerners supervising native Turks; Railway construction ongoing

name pending: 1941; Low mana; Quantum 4; Second World War ongoing

Dinosaur-Killer-5: Quantum 6; No mana; frequent asteroid strikes, little higher life

Mycelium: Quantum 6; No mana; Poor atmosphere; barren, as fungus prevented the development of post-fungal life

Enigma B0: Quantum 7; Very Low mana (-7); Universal vanishment in 1982

Enigma B1: 2008; Quantum 7; Particularly low mana

Blip 1300AD; Low Mana; Quantum 4; Time rate 1300:1; Highly unstable Astral; Probably no longer present

"Homeline"/Infinity: Quantum 5; Leading Edge 2032; No Mana

"Homeline"/Infinity B1: Quantum 6; 1997, unusually early; No Mana

Centrum: Quantum 8; Leading Edge 2032; No Mana

Unity: Quantum 13; Leading Edge 2032; No Mana; Psionic world-gestalt

New Crusade: 1878; On the Chronobahn; Low mana; 19th century; Ottomans, and British invaders ("New Crusade") in Palestine

Marshall-3: 1952; Low mana; Quantum 7; a former echo of Infinity's Homeline, until four years ago

Armada-7B: 1584; Low mana; Quantum 5; a former echo of Infinity's Homeline, until eight years ago when Elizabeth I was assassinated

Winter-1: Quantum 5; Very low mana; deep B-stack; 50,000-odd BC; little animal life; probably entering an ice age

Edwardian-1: Echo-126B; An echo generated by Infinity; No mana; July 1902

Echo-308: An echo generated by Infinity; No mana; July 1720

Projector Accident XE47/2B or Oops-2: Formerly an echo; Quantum 4 (was 6); Little mana (was none); Some time in the 1920s-1930s; Struck by at least one large meteor

Projector Accident XE47/2C or Oops-3: Formerly an echo; Quantum 5 (was 6); Little mana (was none), but more than Oops-2; Some time in the 1950s; Volcanic eruption in Scotland

Wilhelm Junior 1924; Quantum 6; Wilhelm II died 1898; Low mana; Continuing Belle Époque; Highly electrical

Hellhound-Mousehole 1898; nine-year-old girl summoning demons

Orichalcum 9590 BCE; Quantum 6; Normal mana; Plagued by gods

Greater Hungary: Quantum 5; 1450ish; Low mana; Hungarian Empire

Not yet visited

Wyvern: Dragons



Richard's Grail: Magic, Plantagenet and Angels High mana?

Aristotle-X: Quantum 7; Greek empire; 739

Merlin-1: 1980s; Sudden appearance of magic in 1945; Normal Mana

Reich-5: late 1990s; Quantum 3