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Friday 12 September 1930

Gertrude and Millie try communicating mind to mind, first staring into each other’s eyes, then touching. This does just about work, though it’s fuzzy; they’re each aware when the other is doing it, sitting back to back does not provide enough contact, and it’s possible to resist it.
Bessie uses Who’s Who to plot the address of the other new-made knights on a map of London.
Audrey and Millie talk with “Mrs Smith”, Lady Margaret Waring, who’s clearly out of place in a corner café; there’s definitely serious money involved. She’s come across the firm in listings of private investigators, and was intrigued by the name. Her husband, somewhat older than her, is Sir George Waring (not one of the knights on the list); he’s heavily involved in trade with India, and has spent some time there. During a recent trip, she became involved with a Captain Gregory Boswell, a cavalry officer in the 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales’s Dragoon Guards), whom she met while riding in the Park. She ended the affair since her husband is soon to return to England, but he’s now refusing to return her letters or a certain locket, and her husband will certainly miss the latter. He’s asking for £100, which is rather more than she can raise on her own account. Boswell has a flat off Piccadilly, of which she draws a sketch; she saw no sign of a servant, but that might indicate discretion. There’s a bureau where she assumes the letters would be kept.
Later, Millie contacts St John Aubrey; he’s heard of the Warings but doesn’t really know them. He agrees to meet next week.
Audrey’s contacts don’t really move in the same circles, though one of them has heard of Boswell at the Cavalry Club. (It’s on Piccadilly, close to the flat, so it’s very unlikely he has rooms there.)