Madness Dossier: NPCs

Roger Burton West
5 September 2013

Table of Contents

1. A-D


Staff member at Nile International Freight Services.

Qamar Asir

Works for Ministry of the Interior, keeping an eye on the decapitation investigations in Baghdad.

Inspector Shahil Baraniq

In charge of the decapitation investigations in Baghdad.

Sean Baring

Chief Designer at Hot Ice.

Felipe Corbelan

Mercenary for White Eagle Solutions; killed in Baghdad.

Mike Coulthard

Retired policeman, Dave Willis' landlord.

Dr Malcolm Davies

Born 1957, read classics at Oxford in the 1970s, PhD thesis in Sumerian culture and history; regarded as a faintly dodgy antiquities dealer (no convictions, some arrests in foreign parts) until he showed up as the founder of Neuro-Conceptual Training in 2012. Deceased.

2. E-K

George Forester

Born 1990, former groundskeeper at what is now Advance House.


One of Waring's ex-mercenary mates.

3. L-R

Debbie Lewis

Herbal-weight-loss office worker at Bordesley Hall.

Steve Marriott}

Sysadmin at Hot Ice.

Pete Phillips

Junior American diplomat, believed to have gone native in Baghdad.

Dennis Roseman

Dodgy antiquities dealer.

4. S-Z

Tim Simons

Martial-arts-trained first-time visitor to Advance House.

Jim Waring

Born 1976, joined the Army at 17, administratively discharged at 20; mercenary, more recently bodyguard and trainer. Deceased.

Dave Williams

First beheading victim in Baghdad.

Dave Willis

aka Steadfast Otter; probably deceased, probably drug dealer, player of Equilibrium.

Gerald Wilmer

Equilibrium player, retired accountant.