Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)


Margaret Mitchell's novel 'Gone With the Wind' (1936) became one of the most successful films and provided many unusual first names became popular.



Rhett Fem Rhetta



Boni Bonie Bonne
Bonnee Bonnell Bonney
Bonni Bonnin Bonny

Careen sister of Scarlett Honey

Scarlett main character 'Katie Scarlett O'Hara' (grandmother's maiden name)

Scarlet Scarlette Scarlotte

Sue Ellen sister of Scarlett Tara Irish placename 'hill' (the name of the estate in the novel)

Taira Tairra Taraea
Tarah Tarai Taralee
Tarali Taralyn Tarasa
Tarasha Taraya Tarea
Taree Tareya Tarha
Tari Taria Tarika
Tarila Tarilyn Taris
Tarisa Tarise Tarisha
Tarissa Tarita Tarna
Tarra Tarrah Taura
Tayra Teara Tearra

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