Please do not read this if you are participating in the "Mankind Will Endure" campaign.

Debugging: Character Generation

Roger Burton West
5 February 2009

Table of Contents

1. General rules

The points budget is 250, with up to 100 points of disadvantages (though it should probably be much less).

You are very strongly encouraged to start with a template from GURPS Action 1: Heroes. In particular, Demolition Men, Face Men, Hackers, Infiltrators, Investigators, Medics, Shooters and Wire Rats will all have significant parts to play. Other roles can also be accommodated.

As far as character concepts go, you will be a current active-duty member of the SAS (or possibly on secondment from SIS, who deal with foreign intelligence and the robot zones of the UK, or the Security Service, who deal with foreign agents in the UK including robot agents of other zones). This will almost certainly mean taking the Military, Intelligence or Security lens to your template, and will obviously exclude certain disadvantages.

This is very much a cinematic campaign.

Note that the Final War ran from 2034-2037; it is now 2047. Characters younger than 28 years (or who have enlisted since 2037, of course) will therefore not have participated in the Final War. (Characters under 18 are not allowed.) This has no direct game-mechanical effect but may influence background stories.

1.1. Required traits

Every character must have these. For skills, put at least one point into them. (You may well have more from template purchases; this is a final checklist.)

1.2. Recommended traits

You need not buy any of these, but they are not at all unusual for SAS troops.

Everyone is likely to have English as a native language. French is the most common second language.

Your issued equipment is generally at TL8. Robot equipment is TL10; some of it has been modified for human use. (If you want something of this sort, consider it as Signature Gear and clear it with the GM.)

1.3. Issued equipment

This is standard issue for all missions. Extra kit may be added in certain conditions.

If heavier combat is expected:

2. Play style

Put on a good show, and Fate will smile upon you.

Be boring, and you're dead.

For further suggestions, read the Feng Shui RPG. I am.

3. Recommended reading/viewing

(though there will be no time travel in this game)