GURPS Shadowrun: physical adepts

Roger Burton West
5 May 2009

Table of Contents


1. Becoming a Physical Adept

A physical adept needs to buy two separate abilities, in GURPS terms: the Adept talent and Trained by a Master.

Adept talent

The Adept talent costs 5 points per level.

Trained by a Master

This has its usual cost.

2. Adept powers

Adepts are subject to the same restrictions as mages: powers will not work in no-mana zones and are at -5 in low-mana zones, and magical dampers and defences will decrease the effectiveness of or prevent the use of powers.

Adepts must typically conduct special exercises for an hour or more per day. This will be a 10-point Disadvantage, most probably Disciplines of Faith (Monasticism or Mysticism) or a comparable Vow. Failing to keep to this restriction will result in unbalanced mana (see GURPS Powers p.26 under the Chi power).

Adept powers are therefore bought with the limitation Adept (-20%).

The Special Rules for Chi Powers (GURPS Powers p.175) should be considered to be in effect.

Wild Talent

This is a Wild Talent, Focused on Chi abilities with a slight variation: specifically, the Adept may use it to gain any skill or technique listed in a martial art with which the Adept has the Style Familiarity perk. With the Focus (-20%) and the Adept power limitation (-20%), it costs 12 points per level.

Innate Attack

This will normally be a Melee Attack: it represents directed mana rather than an actual contact between striking limb and target. It may be of any damage type, though naturally piercing, crushing, cutting and impaling will be most common. Multiple distinct Innate Attacks may be purchased.

Other powers

The Adept may learn, with the -20% Adept power limitation, any of these abilities. They will normally be bought with Costs Fatigue, at the player's discretion, though this may be bought off over time.