For anyone who doesn't know what this is about: this is the spot in which we put rules that fail the reality check in "interesting" ways. For example...

Put Out That Light!

In FASA's Battletech, JumpShips use enormous solar sails to generate power, because fusion reactors supposedly aren't up to the power demands. At the sizes and distances given, the biggest sail in use generates 36.4 watts. [Roger Burton West]

Burned Out At Thirty?

In BTRC's Timelords, a system designed to handle players as characters, there is no provision for PCs older than 30 years. [Andrew Barton]

So Much For Cyber Soldiers

In ICE's Cyberspace, a character with any cybernetics at all is almost certain to be useless in any stressful situation... such as combat... [Roger Burton West]

Don't Try This At Home

1. In TSR's Gamma World(TM) a minimum of 10 (and an average of 15) crossbow bolts are needed to kill an average human being.
2. In Avalon Hill's Lords of Creation(TM) starting level characters (supposedly ordinary humans) can remain conscious and functional after being on the receiving end of a burst of machine gun fire. [John Hawcock]