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10 April 2019

We met next day to pass on what we’d learned, and decide what to do next. We planned to visit the brawling club, and gave thought to Costa Verde where the item had entered Isola; we drove there to see what we could see.
It seemed reasonably prosperous, if not especially upmarket, with low-key guards on the door – one of them looked like one of Mustard’s bodyguards we’d seen in the hotel. We pulled up round the corner, and almost at once someone was keeping an eye on us. I got the feeling that simply walking in wouldn’t be an option; one would have to be known, or at least know some key names.
Terry and Mac, presenting themselves as a fighter and his manager, went looking for more information about protocol at the brawling club. Fights could take time to arrange, but “their new Lady Luck” would take on anyone. (Eva?) Yvette joined them later.
Meanwhile, Max and I took the boat out to see if we could make contact with the being who’d taken the item… but with no joy.
We arrived separately; someone had chalked a bill on the wall outside. Terry didn’t know the names. The place was set up with an actual boxing ring, a grade above what we might have expected, though the “bar” was down to standard, as was the cashier’s desk. There was an obvious master of ceremonies, and he chalked up the first fight.
Mac talked with the barman – Lady Luck was indeed new, as from about a week ago, and had been doing well. We also saw a very short part-fey woman, Pepper, who was known for patching up the fighters after matches; and rumour had it some of them might even get into the ring mostly for the patching up. “Suzy Spitfire” and “Belle Page” were the first event; Terry reckoned they had the basics of technique, but it was certainly more theatre than boxing.
Terry was recognised by an old boxing acquaintance, who offered to get him onto the card, but he said he was just looking for tonight.
Two of the male fighters were on next, and this was done a bit more seriously; there wasn’t any thought of weight classes, but it was surprisingly even. While that was going on, someone quite tall took a quick glance out of the green room door, but I couldn’t get a good look. Miss Yvette spotted two part-fey, one of whom was probably Lucio and the other a half-troll, keeping a vague eye on the ring and the crowd.
When she went up to the bar after that bout, this probable-Lucio nodded in a professional way; they fenced briefly, but she reckoned he looked covertly uneasy about the upcoming bout between Lady Luck and Crusher Jones. The betting was roughly even.
The Crusher was a mature man, something like my own age, and clearly a seasoned professional; and Lady Luck was indeed Eva, looking a bit on the battered side. And Pepper wasn’t looking too happy either.
Terry felt this bout was professional on both sides; Eva had the reach advantage and perhaps strength, but the Crusher had the weight; and they both fought for the long run, Eva more than the Crusher. Pepper was looking through the crowd after Eva whispered to her between rounds, and Max made contact with her – dropping a whispered suggestion for Pepper to pass back. Mac also exchanged a few words, and she suggested they should send the Kid up against her.
The fight swung in Eva’s favour, and she won with a knockout, then stalked off to the green room. Max helped carry Jones to the green room, getting him inside; Mac took the Kid to the MC to get him set up, and he talked briefly with some of the others in the back; Lucio put on a gallant show with Miss Yvette.
The Kid came out into the ring, and then Eva as Lady Luck, looking more determined than before.
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