Subsubsection: 3 August 2016 (the Hard Sell base) Up Subsection: Operation Hard Sell

17 August 2016 (end of Hard Sell)

The gospogs open up with built-in flamethrowers, which the party mostly evades; the ranting figure, presumably Maji Khenoto, comes into view, opening up with a machine pistol, and is shot by Diamond, Stephen and David; some of their gunfire hits the chemical storage tank behind him.
Diamond and Stephen shoot Khenoto in the head, and a control box falls from his hand and smashes on the floor. The gospog don’t seem to get any more aggressive. A miscommunication sees the team concentrating their fire on the first gospog while the second one is able to hit them with its flamethrower; mostly it’s flesh wounds but Stephen is hurt. Remembering the fight in Portland, Stephen manages to get the second gospog to swing to one side, and David shoots it in the flamethrower tank; it explodes, scattering vegetable matter and flamethrower parts, and a wave of flame washes over the party.
Thorfin’s been engaging the last one in mêlée, parrying its sword and dodging the barely-aimed flamethrower attacks, and the others join him, using their troll-claw knives to cut through the thing’s armour. Stephen gets in the fatal blow, and as the noise of the fight fades to the noise of burning chemicals, Thorfin and David hear a quiet periodic beeping from the corpse. They depart, using the lift as there doesn’t seem to be any other obvious way out; the corporate anthem lift music is now in a minor key, and an explosion rocks the shaft when they’re nearly at the top. They make it out, and wait for the base to cool off a bit before going back in to make sure it’s been thoroughly destroyed.
(This campaign is now on hiatus.)