Reality and What You Can Do With It

Roger Bell_West

You can spend one possibility per action you get (normally one per card turn). Your Possibility rating may never become negative.
Each possibility spent gets you +5 to your effective skill and thus to margin of success. You can normally spend only one actual possibility per round, though in Nile Empire reality you can spend as many as you like.
If you rolled a critical failure, spent at least one possibility, and your margin of success is now no lower than 0, you avoid any critical failure effects. If you rolled a normal success, spent at least one possibility, and your margin of success is at least +10, you get any effects of a critical success.
You can do the same thing in reverse to the attacks and defences of non-P-rated foes. (Reduce margin of success to 0 to avoid a critical success, to -10 to induce a critical failure.)
You can spend possibilities on an effect roll that you make (damage, mostly). even against P-rated characters; each one turns two dice to your preferred value. You can also do this to effect rolls made against you.
You can spend one or more possibilities to gain a small favour from an NPC: 0.8×their base cost as an Ally, Contact, Contact Group or Patron, doubled if they aren’t already present, rounded up.
You can spend a possibility to counter the expenditure of one or more possibilities against you by a P-rated foe, and vice versa, except for damage reduction (“flesh wound” or reduction of effect value); those two will always work.
You can spend a possibility to make any attack against you “just a flesh wound” that did only 1 HP (or 1 FP if it was a fatigue attack).
If a disadvantage is inflicted on you, you can spend half its cost immediately to avoid having to accept it, though the effects still apply in the immediate situation. In the extreme case, if you have 50 possibilities, you can spend them on Extra Life.
You can spend a possibility to produce a Reality Bubble for 15 minutes, during which your powers, abilities and equipment work as though you were in your native cosm.