Heavenly Blossom

Nuclear demolition charge

To assemble Heavely Blossom requires great peace of mind. Also to be attempted no by personell with insufficient repetition!

Components of unassembled Heavenly blossom consist of:

For assembly of Heavenly Blossom from component parts, be pleased to read "Heavenly Blossom Assembly Manual" as released by Beijing Munitions Inc, with document number ANMHF1/3. Great care of parts and peaceful mind is required for assembly. For repeated staff only. As normally shipped, Heavenly Blossom is assemblyd in non-militia mode. For wanting to use Heavenly BLossom in militia mode, please disassemble and reassemble following assembly manual mentioned in previous text.

Once Heavenly BLossom has been together put in proper etiquette, please be assured to check that time window (ill. 3, 1) is flickering "88 88" as indication of not activated and not timed.

To increase delay, pleasure be had to press "Time up" button (ill. 3, 2). To quicken, pleasure be had to press "Time down" button (ill. 3, 2).

Heavenly Blossom can with two internal modes be configured. As normal or as militia. When configured militia, "Deactivate" (ill. 3, 5) is not in working order and pressing has no effect. To start timing in run, pleasure be to press "Activate" button (ill. 3, 4) and make progress away from Heavenly Blossom.

Any staff found near Heavenly Blossom as activating will meet their forefathers as body will torn apart.

Time window can indicate delays in "minutes seconds" only. Minimal timer from activation of timer until activation of Heavenly Blossom is 1 second. Maximal timer from activation of timer until activation of Heavenly Blossom is 99 minutes 59 seconds. Until activation of timer, numbers will blink. When activated of timer, numbers are reliable. When activation of Heavenly Blossom, outer housing is destructed, so state of numbers is maximally hypothetical and of no concern. Be not near Heavenly Blossom as this happens.

Illustration 3

  1. Timer window
  2. Time up
  3. Time down
  4. Actiavte timer
  5. Deactivate timer (not functional in militia mode)