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3 July 2100

Lunar Positioning System satellites are broadcasting incorrect signals, not consistent but not random. Plotting footprints suggests some small areas where consistent displacements would occur, but mostly this would be registered as an error. We are asked to lend assistance.
Their network operators share data with us. It appears that network operations has been compromised. Sending correctly-signed updates causes a satellite to drop completely off net, though not damaged to external observation.
While we look at this en route, Luna City has requested EU military assistance. The Lunar Preservationist Party has claimed responsibility, and denied it, so we assume this is an isolated faction.
LtCdr Jane speaks to the manufacturer to determine the minimum replacement time for a new constellation. 20 can be done quickly, a full 24 will take a little longer. This is probably an unacceptable delay. However, navigation packages are available, and these could be mounted temporarily on existing spacecraft.