GURPS Transhuman Spacecraft

compiled by Roger Burton West
24 August 2010

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This is a collection of space vehicle designs for Transhuman Space, using the quick construction system from GURPS Spaceships.

All designs are by the credited authors; I (Roger) have checked the calculations and written introductory notes.

Note that some vehicles present in earlier editions of this file have been superseded by GURPS Spaceships 8 and have therefore been removed. Spaceships 8 is highly recommended for anyone planning to use the Spaceships rules in Transhuman Space.

1.1. Rules

In GURPS Spaceships terms, the setting is TL10 and fully realistic (with exposed radiators). Note that Delta-V is the full attainable value; halve this if you wish to use the travel rules from Transhuman Space.

2. Civilian Deep Space Vehicles

2.1. Islandia Express

John B. Stone

An SM+5 unstreamlined passenger shuttle. (


1 Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 7)
2-6 Passenger Seating (total 6 x standard, 2 x first class)
core Control Room: Complexity 6, Comms/sensor 4, 1 control station


1 Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 7)
2-4 Cargo: 4.5 tons
5-6 Fuel Tanks (Water): 3 tons
core Fuel Tank (Water): 1.5 tons


1 Nanocomposite Armor (dDR 7)
2-6 Fusion Rocket, high-thrust, water reaction mass: 0.15G total

Stealth hull options: Dynamic chameleon surface


TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
10 Islandia Express 20 -1/4 12 0.15G/30mps 30 5.4 +5 1+8SV 7 - $2.09M