Unlike old editions of VTM, the freebie point cost and the experience point costs is now one and the same. So if you don’t want to spend any of your final batch of points during character gen, just record them as xp.

NOTE: the costs themselves have also changed.


Experience Point Cost

Increase an Attribute (stat)

The new level x 5 So increasing Strength from 2 to 3 costs 15 points

Increase Skill

The new level x 3

New Speciality


Clan Discipline

The new level x 5

Other Discipline (including Predator type)

The new level x 7

Caitiff Discipline (including Predator type)

The new level x 6

Blood Sorcery Ritual

Ritual level x 3

Thin Blood Formula

Formula level x 3

Advantage (merit, flaw, background)

3 per dot

Blood Potency (Yup, you can buy it with xp)

New level x 10

NOTE: there’s a max potency for each generation (p214) & drawbacks (p216)