WFRP 4th quick summary

1. Stat/skill tests

1.1. Simple test

  • roll d% vs stat/skill plus modifier (+60 to -30). 01-05 always succeeds, 96-00 always fails. In combat, doubles are criticals/fumbles.

1.2. Dramatic test

  • as above, but subtract 10s digit rolled from 10s digit of stat/skill to get success level.

1.3. Opposed test

  • as Dramatic Test, both parties roll, higher SL wins, break ties on tested skill/stat.

1.4. Extended test

  • as Dramatic test, but you need to accumulate a set level of SLs over multiple rolls. Your running total can't go below 0.

1.5. Assistance

  • each helper adds +10 to the primary character's skill/stat, but it must be a thing you could reasonably help with.

1.6. Combined test

  • use the same roll against multiple stats/skills being used at the same time.

2. Combat

  • Rounds consist of one Turn per combatant. Turns run in Initiative order, high to low.
  • On your Turn, take a Move and an Action, in whatever order.
  • Move: can charge into close combat for +1 Advantage.
  • Attack/Melee: opposed Weapon Skill test (defender may use other skills, such as Dodge). Winner gains +1 Advantage; an attacker who wins has hit. If either party gets a critical hit on WS, they do an immediate Critical Wound (p. 172). Mods on p. 161-2.
  • Attack/Ranged: Simple WS test to hit. Mods on p. 161.
  • Hit: reverse your to-hit roll to find hit location (p. 159). Damage is Weapon Damage which may add Strength Bonus; add SL. Subtract target Toughness and Armour (minimum result 1). Subtract this from target Wounds; if they have no Wounds left they're Critically Wounded (p. 172) and Prone (p. 169).
  • If you are Unconscious, you die when you have Critical Wounds > your TB.

Author: Roger BellWest

Created: 2023-11-28 Tue 15:13