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First Postings

After all the exams and evaluations are done, the prizes are awarded:
Gretton is quite surprised and concerned about living up to it. Keene is concerned for his prospects. After some shuffling, initial postings are:
Findlay gets Sensors on the old Intrepid-class frigate Impulsive in a colonial backwater; as one of nine officers in a total crew of 57, he’s effectively heading the sensors department. Good for promotion prospects if everything goes right, bad if anything goes wrong.
Gretton is Second Engineer on the deep survey ship Raleigh. With a total crew of 22 he’s expected to get his hands dirty, and probably to drop into other roles as needed.
Keene is in the Navigation department on the County-class cruiser Cumberland, having pulled some strings and displaced Quaid into a sensors slot. This is a mid-sized ship, and he’s one of two or three navigation officers.
Morrish gets Helm department on the Iron Duke-class battleship Canopus (Home Fleet), a fairly junior position on a ship with a crew over 300.
Of the others:
Fleming is taking an informatics position on Canopus and planning to move into EW.
Isomäki is going into Aviation in the Finnish Navy.
Piper is going into Helm on a County-class cruiser in the colonial fleet. He doesn’t seem to have a career plan but that suits him well enough for now.
Quaid ends up in Sensors (with NGLO duties) on a medium ship in the colonial fleet. He was hoping for gunnery, but it’ll do.
Stark is also going for Helm, on an old colonial-fleet battleship; she feels she needs to learn more about being polite to people and is angling for a staff slot once she has.
Stratton is going back to the Belphegor Navy to show them how it’s done.
Whitfield is going into Supply, Home Fleet, and seems very happy with that.
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