Character generation


Pre BRNC you have 100 points, and up to 45 points in disadvantages, including up to 5 in quirks.
HT of 12+ (as modified by Fit) and/or Will of 12+ will be distinctly helpful.
Level Rank Royal Marine
8 Admiral, Admiral of the Fleet (wartime) General
7 Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral Major-General, Lieutenant General
6 Captain, Commodore Colonel, Brigadier
5 Commander Lieutenant-Colonel
4 Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander Captain, Major
3 Warrant Officer, Midshipman, Sub-lieutenant Warrant Officer, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant
2 Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer Sergeant, Colour Sergeant
1 Ordinary Rate, Leading Rate Lance Corporal, Corporal
0 Spacer Recruit, Able Spacer Marine