New skills


Engineer (Antimatter)

IQ/H; see pp. B190-191
This is the skill of designing and building antimatter reactors, rockets and warheads. Prerequisite: Physics.
Default: Mechanic (Antimatter Reactor)-6.

Hazardous Materials (Nanotech)

IQ/A; see p. B199
As with the standard Biological and Chemical specialisations, this is the skill of transporting, storing and disposing of hazardous materials; it is used on its own for “pure” tasks like reading/writing warning labels and dealing with spillages, or as a cap to another skill when working with the materials in some other way.
Default: IQ-5.

Physics (Hyperspace)

IQ/H; see p. B213
An optional specialty of Physics, this skill is the knowledge of where jump points form and how other objects interact with them, as well as current theories on how and why FTL transit works.