NPC List


1 Britannia Royal Naval College


Lt Cdr Ivan Rattle

Training Officer.

Lt Jasmine Slade

Divisional officer, Byng House, Quarterdeck Division

Chief Petty Officer Harris

Drill instructor, Byng House

Quarterdeck Division

Constance Fleming

“Velcro Wall Girl.” Much drinking and partying at first, but seems to be settling into computers and electronics.

Tero Isomäki

Orbital skydiver and solar sailor, who seems to have a knack for not quite getting into trouble.

Kenneth Piper

Colonial, needed to get off the farm (De La Warr). Small jockey-type build. Didn’t get sick on the orbital ferry, and turns out to be a natural pilot.

Joseph Quaid

Small ferocious brawler, who picks fights as a means of social interaction.

Sadie Stark

Everyone has heard of Captain Helena Stark VC, her grandmother (on the Nightingale - got the crew off when the point defence failed, hid in the hulk for three weeks, fired up the reactor and single-handedly ambushed a Spanish task group, didn’t survive the experience). Stark has clearly been primed for the Navy, but froze up in an early simulated battle.

Charlotte Stratton

Odd accent, from the independent colony of Belphegor (technology specialists) that’s paid for her training here. Keeps mostly to herself.

Hal Whitfield

Fades into the background and doesn’t talk much about himself, and spends more effort on being lazy than doing the work would take.

2 First Deployments


Commander Malcolm Doyle

Canopus’ senior intelligence type.

Admiral Morgan Glyndower

Tactical genius from the last war, getting on a bit now; complains about acceleration, tries to suppress his personality-cult, has a knack for coming up with mad-sounding solutions that work (as an ex-engineer, he’s keen on pushing ships to the absolute limits of their performance). He favours few large ships (well, ideally, many large ships). Possibly mad or senile.

Lieutenant Christopher Howe

An engineering officer and drone enthusiast.

Alexandra Ramprakash

Great-niece of Sherwood’s governor, took an interest in Morrish, for reasons not yet clear.

Captain Ruth Thompkins

Captain of Canopus, lieutenant in the war, an administrator more than a charismatic leader.

Admiral Vaughan

A talented administrator, who generally favours many small ships to cover many places at once.

3 HMS Javelin deployment

Aboard Javelin

Commander Nicholas Austen

Captain of Javelin. Junior officer in the last war, has avoided admin jobs to stay on ship duty. (“Old Nick.”)

Lt Commander Kirsten Kernes

XO of Javelin. Reputation as a hard charger. (“KK.”)

Lt Commander Huw Watkins

Chief Engineer of Javelin. Thinking about retiring and writing a book, somewhere where it doesn’t get so hot.


Honest Septimus

Former proprietor of Honest Septimus’ Ships and Parts.