Hana class fighter (SAS)


This experimental streamlined ultralight warship is deployed aboard shore batteries and carriers. Its crews are more likely to refer to it as Hakanai (“ephemeral”). Air speed is mach 6.7 (5,000mph) but it has low thermal tolerance at higher speeds, making re-entry risky.
TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR
11^ Hana 15 0/4 12 4G/3,456mps 10 0.1 +4 1SV 1


1 Light Alloy Armour dDR1
2-5 Fuel Tank (hydrogen, 360mps)
6!!! Spinal weapon (Electromagnetic Gun, 10cm + 50 rounds) sA0 rS 3d×5 cr exp rad sur (3)
(25kt AM, 4d×1,000 burn ex rad sur linked 3d×1,000 cr ex)
Core Control room lv4


1 Light Alloy Armour dDR1
2-5 Fuel Tank (hydrogen, 360mps)
6 Super fusion power plant (3 pp, 500 years)
Core Spinal weapon


1 Light Alloy Armour dDR1
2 Antimatter plasma torch (1G)
3 Antimatter plasma torch (1G)
4 Antimatter plasma torch (1G)
5 Antimatter plasma torch (1G)
6 Spinal weapon