Intrepid class frigate (RN)


This is a common war-era design. The nuclear thermal rocket is used for combat manoeuvres, leaving the antimatter out of the hydrogen stream, for greater acceleration but vastly less efficiency; these ships usually need to re-tank after an engagement. Most have been demilitarised and sold or scrapped.
In class: Intrepid, Imperial, Impulsive, Inconstant, Ilex, Icarus
TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR
10^ Intrepid-class 100 -1/5 13 0.01G/360mps 3,000 165.7 +9 57ASV 60/30/30
Move is 0.5G/1.35mps in NTR mode.


1 Hardened Nanocomposite Armour dDR30
2 Hardened Nanocomposite Armour dDR30
3 Major Battery (“B mount”, fixed improved 40cm missile launcher + 30 rounds) sA3 rX 6d×10 SM+1
(X-ray laser, 10d(5) burn rad sur, RoF 20)
(10MT AM, 8d×10,000 burn ex rad sur linked 6d×20,000 cr ex)
4 Tactical Array lv10
5 Defensive ECM PD2
6!!! Spinal weapon (“A mount”, UV laser, 3GJ) sA-3 rS/L 3d×10 burn (2)


1 Hardened Nanocomposite Armour dDR30
2 Fuel Tank (antimatter-boosted hydrogen, 120/0.45mps)
3 Fuel Tank (antimatter-boosted hydrogen, 120/0.45mps)
4 Hangar Bay 100t
5 Smaller systems:
5.1! Tertiary battery (30× VRF Improved laser turret, 100kJ) sA0 rC/S 1d burn(2)
5.2-3 Cargo Hold 60t
6 Control room lv8
Core Spinal weapon


1 Hardened Nanocomposite Armour dDR30
2 Fuel Tank (antimatter-boosted hydrogen, 120/0.45mps)
3 Habitat Cabin (1), Double Cabins (4), Bunkroom (12), Sickbay (3)
4 Antimatter plasma rocket (0.01G)
5 Nuclear thermal rocket (0.5G)
6 Spinal weapon
Core antimatter power plant (4 pp, 2 years)