Armanic Rune Magic

Roger Burton West after Kenneth Hite
23 August 2009

Table of Contents

This is an updating of the Armanic Rune Magic system presented in GURPS World War II: Weird War II for GURPS 4th edition, following the guidelines of GURPS Thaumatology.

1. Learning runes

Each rune is a separate IQ/VH skill. A point in Symbol Drawing (Armanic) (IQ/H) is a prerequisite for any of them.

2. Using runes

There are four ways in which knowledge of Armanic runes can be useful. Note that all Armanic rune-magic requires loud, forthright speech.

2.1. Skill bonus

A successful Symbol Drawing (Armanic) roll will give a bonus to a following knowledge skill roll (typically Research, Heraldry, Occultism, History, Architecture) of one point per two full points by which the Symbol Drawing (Armanic) was made.

2.2. Spell use

Knowledge of an Armanic rune gives access to all the listed spells at the same level. (The spell listed in bold can be considered the most usual manifestation, but this has no game effect.)

2.3. Improvised magic

An Armanic rune-magic effect requires three runes to be selected and inscribed. There is an energy cost per symbol, as noted. See GURPS Thaumatology for details of casting times and procedures, noting that runestones (symbol tokens) are generally not used.

2.4. Armanic Yoga

A successful Meditation skill check allows alignment with a particular rune. This also requires a minute of concentration, intoning of the rule, and a successful rune skill roll. Each point by which the rune skill roll succeeds gives a +1 bonus to the relevant skill or attribute (see WWII:WWII:52); this lasts one minute per point of fatigue or HP the mage is willing to spend, all to be spent at the end of the effect. The use of any other rune skills during this alignment is at -7.

3. Rune table

Rune Energy Spells
Fae 3 Bless
Ur 4 Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Major Healing, Minor Healing
Thor 3 Decay, Find Weakness, Ruin, Test Food, Weaken
Os 3 Apportation, Locksmith, Undo
Rith 3 Missile Shield, Shield
Ka 3 Cure Disease, Healing, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Major, Minor Healing, Neutralize Poison, Relieve Sickness, Test Food
Hagal 2 Extinguish Fire, Fireproof, Ignite Fire
Naut 2 Bravery, Daze, Emotion Control, Loyalty, Mental Stun, Stun
Isen 2 Create Water, Purify Water, Seek Water, Shape Water, Walk on Water
Ar 4 Banish, Death Vision, Empathy, Fear, Repel Spirits, Sense Emotion, Sense Foes, Sense Life, Sense Spirit, Turn Spirit
Sieg 2 Shield
Tyr 2 Death Vision, Summon Spirit
Bar 4 Armor, Shield
Lagu 2 Aura, Detect Magic
Man 3 Lend Energy, Might
Yr 2 Illusion Disguise, Simple Illusion
Ehe 2 Seeker
Ge 4 Enchant, Name