Irresponsible and Right: NPCs

Roger Burton West
10 August 2021

Table of Contents

Historical characters are noted by asterisks.

1. A-D

Abbott, Ned:

young Scout in St Mary-on-the-Marsh.

abd-al-Muttalib, Fadil:

Egyptian collector of antiquities and minor revolutionary.

abd-el-Rahim, Dr Jibril:

Egyptian archeologist, pressed into service by Italian occultists.

Allenby, Edmund, 1st Viscount Allenby (1861-1936)*:

British soldier and administrator most famous for his role during the First World War, in which he led the Egyptian Expeditionary Force in the conquest of Palestine and Syria in 1917 and 1918.

Andrews, Brian:

former draughtsman, first operator of Stoletov machines to be captured.

Andrews, Mrs Irene:

servant of Mrs Parnell, competent fake medium, currently imprisoned. Widow.

Andrews, Lt (later Captain) Robert:

bomb-defuser of the Royal Engineers.

Angleton, James Jesus (1917-)*:

OSS agent who claims to have been suspicious of Philby.

Angrand, Jules:

mayor of Béthune, misguided amateur occultist.

Arnold, Captain:

US Navy technical analyst (Office of Naval Intelligence).

Axcell, Charles "Lofty":

Experienced British Army private in 1944-1945.

Babington Smith, Section Officer Constance (1912-)*:

Photographic interpreter looking at pictures of Peenemünde in 1942.

Baillie, Angus:

governor of the prison at Johnstone Castle.

Balbo, Italo (1896-1940)*:

an Italian Blackshirt leader who served as Italy's Marshal of the Air Force (Maresciallo dell'Aria), Governor-General of Libya, Commander-in-Chief of Italian North Africa (Africa Settentrionale Italiana, or ASI), and the "heir apparent" to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Shot down, in theory by accident, by his own side's anti-aircraft gunners.

Baldwin, Major Oliver:

Diplomat and MI5 agent in Haifa.

Banfield, Colonel Gregory:

Royal Engineers, old colleage of Kingsthorpe, a bit of a plodder; infested with psychic mice, possibly during a visit to the Maginot Line.

Barnett, William (1877-):

Yeoman Warder and Ravenmaster of the Tower of London.

Barrett, Captain Oswald:

One of Allenby's staff magicians at Megiddo; mad, honestly.

Bartlett, Lt Edmund:

MI5 liaison at Devonport, on the square but not an occultist.

Beauchaud, Jeanne:

French Resistance document forger at the Sorbonne.

Beeman, Joseph:

Resident of 14 Red Lion Square in October 1940.

Belham, Sapper:

Royal Engineer infected by bubonic plague in Birmingham.

Bell, Lawrence:

Theosophist of uncertain reliability, in London.

Benn, Captain William*:

commander of HMS Royal Oak at the time of her sinking.

Benton, Isaac:

alias of an Italian spy who attempted to steal Greek artefacts from the City Museum at Bristol; killed by Dr Nicholson.

Bertoli, Major:

Italian officer who may have been trying to summon Vulcan on Pantelleria.

Bithell, Mrs:

Joe Bright's landlady.

Black, Dr Alexander:

Fellow of Trinity, communist fellow-traveller, was working for NKVD in Cambridge. Imprisoned.

Black, William:

see Chyornomyrdin, Vilen Arturovich.

Blackshaw, Graham:

inventor and unknowing enchanter of magical devices. In a new workshop at a secret location in the Home Counties.

Blaine, Sergeant:

Diver of the Underwater Working Party on Gibraltar; accompanied Argas on his first trip to the Pelícano.


codename of a German agent, long since caught but still believed by the Germans to be active.

von Blumenthal, Graf Hans:

German military governor of Luxembourg during the Great War, mostly interested in hunting but with time to poke at antiquities.

von Bocholt, Luitpold:

German magician, a minor figure in the pre-war occult community, now leader of the Wewelsburg school.

Bohr, Niels (1885-)*:

Danish nuclear scientist and theoretician of the "substructure of the universe" which may turn out to be the same thing as magic.

Bolton, Jack:

Labour agitator and spy. Imprisoned.

Booker, Henry, AB:

sailor on Mijdrecht. Possibly some low-level talent.

Boorman, Private/Sergeant Eric:

RAF fitter affected by German mesmerism at Coltishall in 1942; later trained in air gunnery, Sergeant in 1944.

Boorman, Private Harry:

RAF fitter at Wittering.

Börth, Uwe:

German magician of the Wüst group of the SS-Ahnenerbe. Imprisoned.

Bothe, Walter*:

German atomic scientist.

Bowman, Captain James:

Master of Cairnesk in convoy HX-175.

Bradley, Omar (1893-)*:

Commander of 12th Army Group in 1944.

Bragg, Julie:

munitions worker who sabotaged fuzes while under the influence of Powdered Gin.

Bragg, Rose:

her sister.

Braddock, Constable:

Policeman in St Alban's.

Brennan, Lieutenant Andrew:

NYPD detective lieutenant.

Bright, Joe:

Communist saboteur at Devonport.

Brigstow, Adrian:

Met. Office forecaster, becoming a specialist in anomalous weather.

Brown, Christopher (-1940):

alias of German magical agent in St-Mary-in-the-Marsh.


Colonial Service guide on Guadalcanal.

Buckler, Jacob (-1930):

donated a number of interesting items to the City Museum of Bristol.

Buckman, Daniel:

Alias of Herr Bucholtz, a German agent of the Wüst group captured in Birmingham.

Bull, Lt Col R O*:

Commandant at Bowmanville PoW camp.

Bulova, Captain:

Soviet officer of the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Stalingrad.

Burchard, Colonel Geoffrey (-1940?):

self-important reconstructor of Old Religion, and user of ley lines. Believed dead.

Byelomyrdon, Captain Arkadiy Mikhailovich:

GRU agent, elementalist, running the 47th Special Morale Detachment in Stalingrad.

Campbell, Mrs:

caretaker at the City Museum in Bristol.

Carter, Alf:

petty criminal and Russian patsy in Coventry.

Catchpole, Mrs Hedwig:

gentlewoman in St Mary-on-the-Marsh, came home with her new husband Ralph after the Great War.


mysterious possessor entity, from 1944 onwards.

Chauvet, Père:

curé in Neufchateau, last seen heading to help the defence of Belgium in 1940. Film fan.

Chyornomyrdin, Vilen Arturovich:

GRU agent, elementalist, probably a traitor to the Soviet Union. Alias William Black.

Clarke, L. A. (-1942)*:

Chief engineer of Norvana; deceased.


land girl at Old Chapel Farm.

Claybourne, Elizabeth:

land girl at Old Chapel Farm; later, fake medium in Exeter.

Clemens, Martin (1915-)*:

former District Officer on Guadalcanal, later coast-watcher and scout.

Clements, Mary:

Lecturer at the Institute for Harmonious Self-Improvement, and NKVD dupe.

Coates, Mrs Jane:

resident of St Mary-in-the-Marsh, scared by what turned out to be a werewolf.

Cole, Lieutenant (-1943):

Nominally an SOE saboteur and sniper. Seems to have had other loyalties.

Collins, James:

writer for the Political Warfare Executive.

Compegne, Danielle ("Dany"):

French-Jewish widow and friend of Elsa Schiaparelli.

Conant, Jason:

British magical spy, captured in Paris due to Schiaparelli's jamming, managed to escape.

Cooper, Henry and Alice:

owners of Old Chapel Farm in Kent.

Corcoran, Henry:

Cipher clerk at the Admiralty.

Costello, Corporal Bill (-1940):

alias of the Brandenburger leader at Sheffield.

Cotter, Mrs:

landlady of the pub in Marden, near Old Chapel Farm.

Cowling, Dr Robert:

botanist working at Old Chapel Farm.

Darlan, General François (1881-)*:

Vichy French general in command of Algiers; later High Commissioner of France for North and West Africa.


Agent in Luxembourg who reported German archaeologists.


relic-hunter in Alexandria

Davies-Wright, Sir Andrew and Elizabeth:

squire of St Mary-in-the-Marsh.

Davis, Lt Colonel:

American occupation commander in Münster.

Davis, Mrs:

witch from near Old Chapel Farm, knows local area very well but not much use outside it.

Deneriaz, Kriminalkommissar:

Gestapo officer on the French-Spanish border.

Diebner, Kurt (1905-1945?)*:

German atomic scientist.

Dobbs, Jim:

Firebrand and saboteur at Devonport. Imprisoned.

Domingues, Professor Ana-Magdalena:

Brazilian archeologist, captured by the Italians in Egypt and missing since 1940; rescued in Sicily in 1943.

Dopfer, Oberleutnant Ernst:

Adept of the Wewelsburg school.

Dowding, Hugh (1882-)*:

Commandant of RAF College Cranwell in 1943.

Dowsett, Simon:

the original died in Spain fighting with the International Brigades; his identity was used by a presumed Russian agent. Suffered a severe stroke caused by a Stoletov machine in 1940; still unconscious.

Draper, Mrs Jane:

war-widow, spiritualist.

Dunham, Anthony (-1940):

MI5 agent, killed by Nikolayev.

2. E-K

Ebner, Leutnant zur See Hans:

Magically-sensitive Kriegsmarine prisoner (U-boat officer); returned from Bowmanville.

Ehmsperger, Hauptmann Felix:

German officer involved in the capture of Béthune.

Einstein, Albert (1879-)*:

Eminent physicist and BuOrd supervisor of Project Vortex in 1943.

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (1890-)*:

Supreme Commander, Allied Forces Europe.

Ericson, Sidney (-1940):

agent-in-place in Alexandria.

Essig, Gerlach:

German magician of the Wewelsburg school, now over his cocaine withdrawal.

von Ettinghausen, Hauptmann Gervas (-1940?):

German magician of the Wewelsburg school; died in captivity of an unknown disease, reported later to be recovering well.

Feather, Norman*:

physicist in the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge.

Fedorov, Lieutenant:

inexperienced Soviet officer in Stalingrad

Fenner, Richard:

old man, involved in the production of Powdered Gin.

Firbank, Major Thomas, (1910-)*:

Chief of Operations for 1st Airborne Corps in 1945.

Fischler, Oberleutnant Benno:

German magician of the Wewelsburg school; believed to have died explosively during the abortive invasion of Britain.

Fisher, Sublieutenant:

engineer overseeing repairs on Royal Oak.

Fiske, Adrian:

American precognitive: staying at the Dorchester, home in Chicago.

Fleming, Harold J. (-1944):

US Army private, dishonorably discharged in 1942, later believed to be working for the the Pond.

Folkes, Major:

Chief chaplain at Camp Griffiss in early 1943.

Follett, Sergeant Joseph:

RAF fitter affected by German mesmerism at Coltishall.

Forsythe, Giles:

Wire drawer and ritual magician.

Francis, Flying Officer Richard (1920-)*:

RAF pilot.

Fröbe, Adelinde (1911-1940):

German magical agent in St Mary-in-the-Marsh, alias Anne Mellingham.

Fuller, J. F. C. (1878-)*:

British Army officer, military historian and strategist, notable as an early theorist of modern armoured warfare, including categorising principles of warfare. Early disciple of Aleister Crowley.

Furneaux, "Captain" Derek:

Devonian mariner, probably a smuggler, and owner, more or less, of the S-boat Hexmädchen.

Gabriel, Elias:

alias of GRU magician who attempted to kidnap Nicholas Kemmer from London.

Gaultier, Jacqueline:

Viola player from Dijon, associated with the London Schools Orchestra group.

Godfrey, Adam (-1942):

Resident of 14 Red Lion Square in October 1940.

Godfrey, Lionel:

Nephew of Adam Godfrey.

Graziani, Rodolfi (1882-)*:

Italian commander who replaced Italo Balbo.

Grimbald, Squadron Leader:

RAF pilot in Béthune.

Groeneveldt, Captain Paulus:

Dutch captain of the Mijdrecht.

Guderian, Heinz (1888-)*:

German Panzer commander and chief of staff.

Guerin, Boniface:

misguided amateur occultist in Béthune.

Haberfeld, Oberleutnant Luitpold:

Captured and possibly Wendigo-possessed Luftwaffe pilot in Bowmanville.

Hahn, Otto*:

German atomic scientist.

Hands, William:

warder at Pentonville, subject of Stoletov enhancement, traitor.

Hargreaves, Lieutenant:

military liaison at the Vickers works in Sheffield.

Harper, Eric and Audrey:

elderly couple at St-Mary-in-the-Marsh.

Harris, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur (1892-)*:

Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, RAF Bomber Command.

Harris, Captain:

US Navy Intelligence chief on Guadalcanal in 1942.

Harteck, Paul (1902-)*:

German atomic scientist.

Harvey, Group Captain George*:

Commander of RAF Coltishall in April 1942.

Hechevaria, Captain Melchiore:

Portugese captain of the Espumo do Mar.

Heisenberg, Werner (1901-)*:

German atomic scientist, believed to be the leader of their atomic weapons programme.

Henshaw, Squadron Leader:

of Coastal Command, based at Southampton.

Hess, Rudolf (1894-)*:

senior Nazi who appears to have been sent to England by the Wewelsburg group with a magical message.

Hill, George (1892-)*:

SOE liaison in Moscow.

Holtzmann, Special Agent David:

FBI special agent at the New York office.

Hooker, Stanley (1907-)*:

jet engine designer at Rolls-Royce.

Hoth, General Hermann (1885-)*:

Officer commanding the German conquest of Béthune.

Houlding, Thomas:

Occultist in New York; was in the Golden Dawn in the late 19th century.

Hudson, Michael:

Secretary of the American Society for Psychical Research in New York; joined the US Army in late 1941.

Hudson, Major John (1910-)*:

Bomb disposal expert, working on the first V-1 to be recovered intact in England.

Hughes, Howard (1905-)*:

American business magnate, investor, aviator, engineer, film producer, director, and philanthropist.

Häyhä, Corporal Simo (1905-)*:

Finnish sniper.

Iatrides, Lochagos:

Greek liaison officer.

Ibbot, Ron:

subject of Stoletov enhancement, traitor.

Jacobs, Simon (-1942):

Medical student at Columbia; tempted into madness and destruction.


land girl at Old Chapel Farm.

Jones, Constable David:

policeman at Whitechapel, specialises in young radicals.

Jones, Dr Henry:

curator of the museum in Alexandria.

Jones, Reg and Hilda:

petty criminal and NKVD stooge in Coventry.

Jones, Stephen (-1940):

alias of German magical agent in St-Mary-in-the-Marsh.

Jones, Vespasian (1925-):

Emergency backup medium, working for MI5; trying for the Byronic.


codename of Italian agent in Haifa.

von Junzt, Freiherr:

German ghost near the Ardennes.

von Kármán, Theodore (1881-)*:

Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer and physicist, running the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at Cal Tech.

Kalifa, Mr: (-1944)

Babalawo in Lagos, responsible for summoning Oya.

Kemmer, Nicholas (1911-)*:

Russian-born physicist now working on Stoletov machines and the interaction of magic and atomic decay for MI5.

Keyes, Admiral Roger (1872-)*:

Head of the Board of Inquiry in 1943.

Klakring, Lt Cdr Thomas (1904-)*:

Captain of USS Guardfish.

Knight, A. C.*:

Secretary of the Honourable Company of Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers.

Knight, Captain Maxwell* (1900-):

Head of Bureau 5(b), nominally monitoring political subversion.

Kohlsaat, Horst:

Golden Boy captured near Stalingrad.

Kortmann, Oberleutnant:

Captured Luftwaffe pilot in Bowmanville. Missing, presumed eaten.

Kouptchinski, Mikhail Andreyevich (-1942):

NKVD special operator in Stalingrad.

Kowalski, Robert "Bob":

American lieutenant in September 1944, near Aachen.

Kreisling, Flugkapitän Anna:

Mysterious German test pilot.

Kretschmer, Korvettenkapitän Otto* (1912-):

Former U-boat commander, prisoner at Bowmanville when encountered.


Possibly deceased, possibly New Man, SS officer (RuSHA), involved with the disposal of the Modena Document.


random German officer with magical talent, in Paris.

Kusch, Dr Polykarp (1911-)*:

Physicist at Columbia University.

3. L-R

Lagoyanis, P. P. (-1942)*:

An Able Seaman on Norvana; deceased.

von Lambsdorff, Margarethe:

Wüst-group werewolf.

von Lambsdorff, Wolfgang:

Wüst-group magician.

Lavrentiev, Major:

Soviet officer commanding reinforcements for Stalingrad.

Leclerc, Professor Victor:

alias of NKVD agent in London.

Lenoir, Robert:

French ritual magician captured in Algiers.

Lewis, Harvey Spencer (1883-1939)*:

noted Rosicrucian author, occultist, and mystic, founder in USA and the first Imperator of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC).

Lewis, Ralph Maxwell (1904-)*:

second Imperator of Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC).

Liddell, Henry (-1943, 1943-):

Painter, conscientious objector, spy possibly for the Wüust group.

Little, William:

formerly-tubercular youth, former saboteur, now working on Stoletov machines for MI5.

Littlejohn, Mr:

ARP warden infected by bubonic plague in Birmingham.

Martin, Lieutenant:

engineering officer on Royal Oak at the time of her sinking.

Mason, Arthur:

typesetter for the News-Chronicle, subject of Stoletov enhancement, traitor.

Mason-MacFarlane, Sir Noel (1889-)*:

Governor of Gibraltar in 1942-1944.

Matuschanskavasky, Flying Officer ("Ski"):

Polish pilot in the RAF, last seen flying P.D. Mosquitoes.

McEwan, Malcolm:

engine-driver on the Great Western, subject of Stoletov enhancement, traitor.

McMurtry, Grady (1918-)*:

another Pasadena Thelemite.


able-seaman aboard HMCS Windflower at the time of her loss.

McTavish, Rachel:

nurse, enhanced by Stoletov machine.

Mellingham, Anne:

see Fröbe, Adelinde.

Mellingham, Peter (-1940):

alias of German magical agent in St Mary-in-the-Marsh.

Merriwether, Arnold (1925-):

Cellist and magical talent; studying at King's College; member of the London Schools Orchestra.

Metz, Yehuda:

Escapee from Sobibór, witness to the Wüst group working of early May 1943.

Michaels, Commander Harry:

Part of the British Military Mission to Moscow; not at all part of MI6, honestly.

Millett, Wing Commander:

RAF officer posted to Sedan in 1940.

Moran, Margaret:

Occultist in New York; vaguely theosophical and theosophically vague, but a sound scholar.

Nakanishi, Albert (1887-):

Folklorist at UC Berkeley, later removed from Heart Mountain Relocation Center.

Nayland, Luke:

tubercular young man, involved in the production of Powdered Gin.

Newman, Lt Col Augustus Charles (1904-)*:

Commando leader, captured after St. Nazaire.

Nichols, Commander R F*:

number two on Royal Oak at the time of her sinking.

Nicholson, Dr Adrian (1893-):

Classical scholar, Hellenophile and self-taught magician.


Russian spy of unpleasant habits.

Niven, David (1910-)*:

Actor and commando, an old friend of Alexander's.

Neumann, Erich:

Danish-German spy enhanced by the elektromagie of the New Men.

Noel-Powell, Susan (1912-)*:

Private secretary to Princess Charlotte; wife of Geoffrey Powell.

Nugent, Brigadier General Richard E. (1902-)*:

Commander of XXIX Tactical Air Command, supporting 9th Army, in 1944.

Odekirk, Glenn (1905-)*:

American aeronautical engineer at Hughes Aircraft; co-designer of the H-4 Hercules.


land girl at Old Chapel Farm, apparently in communication with spies of some sort via her sister.

Oqwa Pi (Red Cloud):

Tewa shaman in Boulder City, Nevada.

Oram, Daphne (1925-)*:

Junior recording engineer at the BBC; experimental musician; possible wild talent.

Paluzzi, Isidoro:

Italian soldier enhanced to be amphibious; imprisoned.

Parmenter, Lieutenant Stephen:

of the Long Range Patrol in Egypt.

Parnell, Mrs Eleanor:

spiritualist, and dupe of Mrs Irene Andrews.

Parsons, Helen (1910-)*:

Wife of Jack Parsons, mistress of Wilfred Smith, another Thelemite in Pasadena.

Parsons, John Whiteside "Jack" (1914-)*:

American rocket propulsion researcher at the California Institute of Technology; also an occultist and follower of Thelema.

Perez, Albert:

Believed to be a Pond operative.

Perrin, Francis*:

French scientist working at the Cavendish Laboratory.

Petiot, Marcel (1897-1944)*:

French serial killer, masquerading as a Resistance contact in Paris in 1944 ("Dr Henri Valeri").

Philby, Kim (1912-1943)*:

Rising star at MI5 and SOE until his treachery was discovered.

Pine-Coffin, Colonel Richard Geoffrey (1908-)*:

Commander of 7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion in Normandy.

Pole, Edith:

Lecturer at the Institute for Harmonious Self-Improvement, and NKVD agent. Imprisoned.

Polovoy, Lt (later Capt) (later Maj) (later Col) Jimmy (US Army):

Chaplain Assistant and magical jammer.

Poole, Miss:

elderly Englishwoman in Alexandria, with bad dreams.

Powell, Squadron Leader Geoffrey*:

Beaufighter pilot in the Mediterranean in 1943. Husband of Susan Noel-Powell.

Price, Lt John, RCNR*:

captain of HMCS Windflower at the time of her loss.

Randall, Mr:

ARP warden infected by bubonic plague in Birmingham.

Rau, Doktor:

Wüst group magician, captured in Birmingham. Alias Mr Ravenwood.

Rezak, Dr John (orig. Ivan):

Russian doctor, witnessed Tunguska Event, travelled to England in 1916 to avoid the Revolution. Endocrinologist, irascible at best. Appears to have a healing ability similar to that produced by Stoletov machines.

Rissanen, Major:

Finnish officer, liaison to MI5 team.

Romanov, Ivan VI (aka Morozov):

Pretender to Tsardom of all the Russias.

Rooney, Liam:

pro-temperance Irishman in his eighties, natural talent.

Ryder, Commander Robert (1908-)*:

Commander of the attack on St. Nazaire.

4. S-Z


a skin-diver in Alexandria.

von Schaub, Dietrich:

German magician of the Wüst group.

Schiaparelli, Elsa (1890-)*:

Italian fashion designer and magical jammer.

Schmidt, Hans (1920-1944):

soldier killed on the Russian front and sent back as a possessor spirit to sabotage industry in Manchester.

Schreiber, Gerd (1912-)*:

captain of U-95 at the time of her loss.

Schug, Kapitänleutnant Walter (1910-)*:

captain of U-86 at the time of her capture.

Scott, Father Thomas:

Japanese linguist at Georgetown University.

Segel, Carl:

German-Jewish violinist from Hamburg, fled to England in 1936. Mana enhancer.

Semyonova, Lyudmila:

Pilot of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment in Stalingrad.

Sibbett, Mrs Audrey:

widow in her sixties, spiritualist, mildly involved with black-market food.

Simmons, Tommy:

second-storey man, patient in Bart's, natural talent maybe.


leader of the Haifa underworld.


Chumash ex-shaman in Oakdale, California.

Siudek, Andrzej:

aircraft-fitter at RAF Manston; Polish exile; fervent anti-Nazi.

Siudek, Mrs Olga:

husband of Andrzej; Polish exile; fervent anti-Nazi; spiritualist.

Smith, Douglas "Faber" (-1941):

Crowleyite magician in New York. Alcoholic and probably drug fiend.

Smith, PC Jack (-1943):

London policeman, believed eaten by the Great Worm of Bethnal Green.

Smith, Wilfred*:

Leader of the Agape Lodge of the OTO.

Sorel, Mère:

herbalist, and witch, in Neufchateau.

Spare, Austin Osman (1886-)*:

English artist and occultist.

Stagg, Group Captain James (1900-)*:

RAF meteorologist, in charge of forecasting in the run up to D-Day.

Stainer, Flight Lieutenant Thomas:

RAF navigator who brought back something nasty on his German hip-flask.

Swann, Dominic:

A third secretary at the British Consulate in New York; has some intelligence connections.


Palestinian spy in Haifa, basic communication talent, target of the Golem.

Taylor, Dr Michael:

doctor in St Mary-on-the-Marsh; put up German spies, but probably didn't know about it.

Thompson, E. J. (-1942)*:

Master of Norvana; deceased.

Thorn, H. A. "Bill"*:

test pilot for Avro.

Thorpe, Ronnie:

a "natural" and worker at Devonport.

Trikoupis, Lochagos (-1940):

Greek liaison officer and traitor, believed killed by Italians.

Trent, Mr:

Civilian infected by bubonic plague in Birmingham.

Usher, George:

Soldier of 2 Commando, encountered on the St. Nazaire raid.

Valeri, Henri:

see Petiot, Marcel.

Vercesi, Dr Paola:

Italian archeologist, pressed into service by Italian occultists.

Watkins, Alfred (1855-1935)*:

English archaeologist and antiquarian, inventor of the concept of ley lines.

Weizscker, Hauptmann:

Commander of a kernel unit outside Münster.

Whiskeard, George:

chief of security at the Cavendish Laboratory.

Whittle, Frank (1907-)*:

inventor of jet engines.

Wicker, Miss Sophy:

science teacher, cigarette factory worker, and witch; now working reluctantly for MI5.

Wiligut, Karl Maria (1866-)*:

Austrian ariosophist, founder of the Wewelsburg school.

Wilkinson, Mr:

undertaker in Edgware.

Williamson, Thomas:

"trade attaché" at the British Embassy in Alexandria.

Willmot, Lieutenant-Commander RNR:

captain of Camellia.

Wilson, Jim:

Landlord at The Star in St Mary-on-the-Marsh.

Wilson, Martha:

his daughter.

Windsor, Princess Charlotte (1909-):

Apocryphal younger sister of King George VI.

Winstanley, Miss Christine:

amateur occultist of Burchard's group.

Wojtek, Lieutenant*:

A bear serving with Polish parachute forces.


German spy enhanced by the elektromagie of the New Men.

Wraith, Lt John (1913-)*:

Commander of HMS Trooper in 1943.

Wüst, Walter (1901-)*:

German Orientalist, president of the Research Institute of the Ahnenerbe-SS and apparently leader of a magical school.

Wyatt, Mrs Beth:

Fake medium in Bath; widow of Andrew, in Bomber Command.

ben Yaron, Elihu:

a respected elder in Haifa.

Yeager, Charles (1923-)*:

USAAF pilot in Europe.