Irresponsible and Right: Training

Roger Burton West
28 February 2011

Because this is a long-term campaign, on- and off-duty training can become important. I'm doing this in retrospect rather than requiring week-by-week accounting.

You need 200 standard training hours to gain a point in something.

Work hours may be converted to standard training hours as "learning on the job" (4:1), "education by a professional teacher" (1:1), or "intensive training" (1:2, only if you have HT12+ or the equivalent with Fit); all of these will apply only to things you can persuade me MI5 would reasonably teach you. (Off-camera combat service counts as "self-teaching" at 2:1; it might be more in reality, but you aren't going to die off-camera.)

Non-work hours may be converted to standard training hours as "self-teaching" (2:1, for example spending hours in the British Library or pottering about in an unseasonably blooming garden) or "education by a professional teacher" (1:1, evening classes); this can cover a wider range of skills, but generally only things to which you'd have civilian access.

I suggest that characters who are not obsessive self-improvement freaks should put most of their non-work hours into skills they might reasonably pick up during leisure time (Savoir-Faire (appropriate bit of society), Connoisseur (Beer), Gambling, Housekeeping, etc.).