Age of Aquarius: Character Generation

Roger Burton West
1 December 2011

Characters start the campaign with 100 points and up to -25 points in disadvantages (including quirks), plus 100 points of psi powers (preferably from Psis).

Characters in the first batch are students at (some part of) the University of London in 1967, who would be prepared to participate in a pharmacological experiment. (Might be for the cash; might be because of the free drugs, man; might be because you fancied someone else who was signing up...)

Normal people are likely to have Pacifism (Reluctant Killer). You may want to swap out another 5-point disadvantage for this. But it's certainly not compulsory.

I'd recommend Area Knowledge (London). If you want more detail, I'd count "Central London" as one level within that, probably covering the bits inside the Circle Line.

Cinematic combat rules are not in use.