Age of Aquarius: NPCs

Roger Burton West
15 November 2012

Table of Contents

Historical characters are noted by asterisks.



NASA investigator.

Barrett, Syd (1946-1967)*:

Hallucinating, possibly schizophrenic, musician.

Bates, Jim:

Junior accountant at the Daily Mirror.

Benson, Jessica:

Scientologist psychic; pyrokinetic; imprisoned.

Black, S:

Smallholding farmer in Doddinghurst.

Blake, Alan:

High-level dealer in Knight's Move.

Bradwell, Dr James:

Researcher at the Institute of Neurology; former RAMC.

Brown, Dr Paul:

Researcher at the School of Pharmacy, conducted drug trial.


NASA investigator.


American psychic agent.

Carver, Nat:

Porn cameraman; deceased; possibly burning people.

Cernan, Eugene (1934-)*:

Astronaut; possible senior psychic.

Clark, Dougie :

Contact of Emmy's; runs a nightclub off the Brompton Road.

Daley, Mrs:

Cat-owner and UFO witness in Doddinghurst.

Dalyell, Tam (1932-)*:

Trouble-making MP, a recipient of the Dark Shield papers.

Dennis, Mr:

MI5 Bureau D8 junior supervisor. Rugby player of the fast type.

Dmitriev, Mstislav:

"Cultural attaché" and probable KGB agent at the Soviet Embassy.


Fisher, Lucky:

Occasional porn actor.

Foot, Michael (1913-)*:

Leftist MP; first Minister of Paraphysics.

Fraser, Billy (-1968):

Teleporter and gangland murderer.

Friend, Dr Lucas:

Chief of research at Martlet; probable war criminal.

Gerrard, Steve:

Free Minds telepath.

Green, Dominic:

Megan's regular dealer, "a surprisingly un-homosexual man given his public school background".

Hargreaves, Ann:

Prostitute from Liverpool, occasional porn actress. Deceased.

Hawkins, Gil:

American telepath fomenting race riots in Notting Hill.

Henderson, Michael:

Functionary at Lloyd's; being blackmailed.

Henderson, Robert:

(No relation.) Insurance salesman; probable victim of Horsemen.

Hughes, Major:

(Former) head of security at Braceborough Manor.

Hubbard (aka Humphries), Diana (1952-)*:

Daughter of L. Ron Hubbard, looking for the gangland teleporter.

Hutchins, Max:

Scientologist psychic (telepathy/mind control); imprisoned, for now.

Jones, Sally:

Prostitute from Birmingham, occasional porn actress. Deceased.

King, Cecil (1901-)*:

Head of IPC; a major player in the organisation behind the Martlet Group.

Kinlock, Tony:

Low-level dealer in Knight's Move.

Kray, Reggie (1933-)*:

Major organised crime boss.

Kray, Ronnie (1933-)*:

Major organised crime boss.


LeMay, Curtis E. (1906-)*:

Vice-presidential candidate for the American Independent Party in 1968; in favour of the use of psychic, and nuclear, weapons.

McVitie, Jack "the Hat" (-1967)*:

Enforcer with links to "the Firm", murdered by the Krays.

Morris, Gerald:

Future blackmail victim from Lloyd's.

Newman, Frank:

Radio ham from Birmingham; one of Cyril's victims.

Neville, Keith:

Accountant and psychotronic engineer from London; husband of Sarah.

Neville, Sarah:

Reluctant cult leader from London; wife of Keith.

Parkes, Keith:

Drug supplier for East Ferry Gang.

Parkes, Sammy (-1968):

Legbreaker for East Ferry Gang, dropped from a great height.

Perry, Jane:

MI5 Bureau D8 operative.


NASA investigator, psychic.

Ransome, Cyril:

Scientologist psychic; psi-senser and object-reader.


Garage mechanic in Kelvedon Hatch.

Reynolds, Jake:

Drug dealer with Free Minds.

Robinson, Kenneth (1911-)*:

Minister for Health.


Smith, Mr:

MI5 Bureau D8 supervisor; later Permanent Secretary of Paraphysics. Supercilious.

Tallant, Len:

High-level dealer in Knight's Move.

Vickers, Stephen:

Agent for a foreign power; barman at the Bunch of Grapes.

Wallace, George (1919-)*:

Presidential candidate in the 1968 election (American Independent Party). In favour of compulsory registration of psychics.

Walters, Mr:

MI5 Bureau D8 junior supervisor. Rugby player of the solid type. Badly burned.

Williams, Marcia (1932-)*:

Political secretary and head of political office to the Prime Minister.

Willis, Reg:

High-frequency electronics specialist, on loan to Bureau D8 from the BBC. In his forties.

Willows, Chris:

Club owner, probable porn film maker; deceased.