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Tuesday 1 October 2019

(3 June 2020)
Jesus finds a text file left among his tripwires in the machines of B&B Couriers, one of the two firms he broke into. “The boss would like a friendly chat.” With a bit of back and forth, they establish that “the boss” is Bob Balboni, the head of the company. He’s missing a courier, and would like help from the guy who broke into his servers – as long as it can be kept confidential. He’s prepared to forward everything he knows (and reading between the lines, he’s talking like someone who’s missing double-digit percentages of his workforce).
Juan keeps an eye on the suddenly-rented post office box, and a courier from B&B drops off an envelope. Nobody seems to be keeping an eye on the place. Natasha boosts Jesus’ ability to hide himself, and he goes in looking like someone completely different.
There’s a full (well, legal minimum) personnel file on Cordelia Vasquez, 22 years old. The last trip she did on the Friday was a pickup of an envelope from a frozen yogurt stand in a downtown mall (“World of FroYo”), to be delivered to The Volstead, a bar a few blocks away.
Juan takes a look at World of FroYo, which is being operated by one overworked college kid; it seems to be above board, with nothing being slipped to the customers under cover. One of the mall cops is getting through a lot of the stuff, but otherwise there’s nothing unexpected going on.
Juan has a chat with the server, who’s been here for a long time – two months. The shift patterns are irregular, but on balance it’s a good job. The morning-lunchtime shift ends in mid-afternoon.
Jade visits the Volstead in the early evening. The clientele are mostly downtown office people, and while there’s space for a band this is mostly a place for drinking and a bit of eating rather than watching sports or meeting members of the appropriate sex. As the places calms down a bit, Jade keeps chatting with the bartender; there was someone a few weeks ago who looked a bit out of place, a suburban housewife who actually looked like a suburban housewife. Was she perhaps having an affair, asks Jade. Maybe. The person she met was wearing some kind of sports gear, he thinks, but he can’t remember more.
Jesus asks his contacts about the two places. World of FroYo is owned by a church, but mostly for tax purposes. The Volstead has been going a few years, and is upmarket enough that people don’t want to cause trouble there.
The bar has security cameras, but at the very least they aren’t on the Internet.
 Section: 1.04 The Road to Doomsday Up Section: 1.04 The Road to Doomsday Subsection: Wednesday 2 October 2019