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Friday 4 October 2019

Natasha works on some anti-primer charms, the side-effects of which involve destroying her herbal supplies; she also checks her gun, and finds that even with the powder removed the primer of the first round in the magazine now has enough force to propel a bullet.
Juan and Jesus go looking on social media for photos of Julie Taggart, with some success – mostly pictures in a larger group. If there’s any piece of jewellery or similar ornament that she wears consistently, it’s not obvious. Jesus loads a squirt-gun with a hard-to-remove green paint.
Natasha works further effects to strengthen the minds of the others against magical attack. From round the corner on the access road, Jesus sends in the drone to drop the charm – it’s not at all accurate but should be in the right general area.
As they turn to drive in, they see that a fence is now present around the perimeter – indeed, it’s a structure of bones. Something presses at their minds as they cross the boundary, but they’re able to shake it off. A bright flash announces the detonation of some kind of explosives, and pellets bury themselves in the car and shred the front offside wheel, though without damage to the passengers.
Jade (in tiger form) and Juan rush forward towards the church. Natasha gets into cover and gives herself night vision; Jesus joins her, looking around and getting a strong impression of multiple watchers.
Jade spots a tripwire and another claymore mine, buried in one of the flower pots. She points it out to Juan, and they both step over. They both hear several “click”s from different directions, at the same instant, as people presumably try to shoot them.
Natasha and Jesus start following the others, also avoiding the claymore tripwire.
Jade finds the road getting soft, and smelling of hot tarmac. She and Juan leap sideways onto the grass, to find it splashing away from them like water; they swim over to the sidewalk and haul themselves out, both dripping grass.
People start to move out and block their way, carrying a variety of improvised weapons that used to be golf clubs and such like. Jade slams through the middle and pushes one back a few yards, and Juan follows through the gap. They can see a glow ahead.
Natasha and Jesus continue along the sidewalk, then duck between some houses in an attempt to be stealthy.
There’s a crowd outside the church, with improvised weapons and burning torches; hovering over them, glowing faintly, is Julie Taggart.
Juan lines up a shot, while Jade tries to keep the mob back; they poke at her, but without much effect. Julie speaks loudly, rather than shouting to say that Saint Sabnock will forgive their errors. Juan takes his shot, and is pretty sure he’s hit; “And this is how you would challenge the patron saint of armaments?”
Natasha and Jesus see the last part of this, and Natasha detects infernal power.
Juan fires again, this time with multiple shots. He only hits with one, and Julie throws it back at him; he manages to evade.
(29 July 2020)
Juan starts to aim carefully. Jade spots someone in the crowd getting something out of a box; she charges towards the figure, spotting that what’s in the box appears to be a claymore mine. Jade gets there first, and swipes at the woman’s neck; she goes down, pouring blood. Most of the crowd screams and runs in various directions.
Juan takes his shot, and hits… and he can see the bullet stuck into her trouser leg. Jade grabs the claymore with her teeth, and carries it towards Juan. There’s a background sound of aircraft engines, closer than the airfield.
Juan moves forwards to join Jade, and she gives him the mine. He starts unpacking the tripwire.
Natasha had been gathering energy, and closes the gate that’s providing Julie’s power. The halo flickers slightly, and she starts to descend; random dropped things, like the golf clubs and walking sticks that the crowd abandoned, rise up towards her and plate her in armour. So does the claymore line; Juan hastily puts the tripwire into it and holds on to the other end.
The claymore detonates; Jade’s own protection makes that not a problem for her, Juan catches one, and Jesus gets several while blocking them from Natasha. Julie looks somewhat damaged, but she’s walking towards Juan.
He runs towards her, trying to wedge the pistol into a chink in her armour. She parries with a sharp curve of metal. Juan draws a knife and tries to get the gun in close again.
Jade slams into Julie from behind; there’s a solid impact, but she doesn’t go down. Juan shouts “Lamp post, electricity” and Jesus starts to improvise something. Juan shoots, and has the nasty impression that Julie’s glow just got slightly brighter. Jade tries to claw Julie’s eyes, but Julie parries her with an improvised blade. Julie swipes at Juan, but he manages to evade and counter with a knife thrust under the arm (which makes the glow brighter again).
Jesus gets to the lamp post, and shoots to weaken it. Juan works his way back towards the lamp post, evading Julie’s attacks. Jesus pushes the lamp post down, angling it down towards Julie.
Jade finally gets a claw through the eye-hole of the helmet, and is pretty sure she’s blinded that eye. Julie doesn’t even stagger. Jesus manages to hit Julie with the descending lamp-post; she grabs and bends it, though she doesn’t manage to pull it out of the ground as she apparently intended. Jesus shorts the lamp post’s power through the metal shell, and Julie’s armour explodes outwards; a dried skeleton falls to the ground, surrounded by clouds of dust. Juan stamps on the skull, crushing it.
The crowd’s starting to emerge, and they sound angry – but not violent. There’s talk of calling the police. Natasha goes to fix Jesus’ car while Juan and Jade look inside Julie’s house. There’s not much that stands out, though Saint Sabnock appears to be more about the inflicting than about the curing of wounds. Jade smells the copy of the Gospel According to Sabnock (a combination of swamp water and sulphur), and Juan takes it; then Natasha comes back with the fixed car, and they depart.
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