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Sunday 15 September 2019

Juan calls Angelina and gets voicemail, so they go back to the strip club; he goes inside, finds Angelina, tells her the news, and they go back to the car, and an emotional reunion. Tiffany keeps up a good front, but is clearly keen to get back to her people, or indeed the police, not these weird strangers. Angelina and Celestina plan to leave town at once, and Angelina’s car is here already. The group leaves them, and heads across town to Tiffany’s parents’ place in the northern suburbs.
On the way, Juan uses his senses to consider Tiffany’s body temperature (normal) and smell (some stress, but basically normal). She gets more nervous as they go. When asked about what she was fed, she says it was something strange, like porridge, but herbal. Natasha mentions the possibility of hypnotism to recover her missing memories, and she’s determined not to do that.
Tony and Alice Adams still live in the same house, and there’s a very emotional reunion. They’re a little confused about who the party are and what they’re doing, but with some mention of the kidnapper still being on the loose they’re willing to have the group keep an eye on the place overnight; they’re planning to call the police, but it’s not an emergency and they want this night just for themselves. Juan looks for a family dog or similar, but can only see one in older photos from when Tiffany was a child.
Natasha stays in the car. Juan explains to Tony roughly what’s happened to Tiffany, then calls Jade’s house to get her involved. Jesus sets up some cameras, then leaves to tinker back at his workshop, rigging up a basic cellular analyser. When he comes back, Tiffany’s happy to give a cheek swab, and looking at telomeres suggests she’s in her early or mid twenties.
In the morning, the family call the FBI agent who was their main contact, though after some hints they give the group time to clear out first. Jade has apparently spent the night outside. Natasha leaves a scrying point inside the house, and watches the feds talking with the family; she also gets Tiffany’s description of her kidnapper, which is quite vague, but not consistent with anyone they’ve met. Tiffany doesn’t say much about the party.
The DEA raid is in the news, though they’re not saying much. It seems that Pastor Mackenzie is missing.
 Subsection: Saturday 14 September 2019 Up Section: 1.01 In Which the Demon Section: 1.02 Mr. Good