Section: Kensington Up Section: Kensington Subsubsection: Monday 4 August 1930 

19 July 2017 (The Mysterious Greenhouse)

Over the next couple of weeks, Milly gets her driving licence; Bessie and Lin Tan visit Coldbridge House and confirm that the vortex has gone; the other three victims are confirmed as no longer falling asleep at dusk and dawn, or having odd dreams.
The chemist in Camberwell who wanted the films turns out to be a collector of items related to notorious murder cases. He’s happy to buy the cans without the film.
Gertrude visits Mrs Smith, and recounts what’s happened, leaving out St John’s identity. She’s surprised by the idea of someone who’s blind to power but still trying to use it; she’s not aware of any procedure for giving the sight to those who don’t already have it.
Gertrude hints at the existence of Mrs Smith to Miss Allen, without going into identifying detail; Allen’s not happy not to have her as part of the formal organisation, but is grudgingly prepared to admit that she might be useful. Gertrude asks for books about detective procedure, and Miss Allen’s happy to lend several (with, as it turns out, extensive and impolite marginal notes).
The team expresses concern that they seem to be public health officials more than policemen. The things they’ve met could have been sparked off by an enemy, but they found no trace of such. Clearly someone knows something, given the Masonic interference that Inspector Jameson complained about.
After some thought the group, mostly bankrolled by Audrey, sets up a small private investigation business, Cassandra & Co.; it won’t advertise, and its office is one step above a rented letter-box, but it will provide a tissue of plausibility to the investigations the team will conduct. (Miss Marsden will write a sign for it in the shine, since that seems likely to attract “interesting” clients.)
Getting more effective at magical procedures would be welcome, but seems as though it’ll be hard work. The rituals in St John’s books are mostly for specific purposes, though some exercises promise greater mental fortitude. Gertrude resolves to talk about this with Mrs Smith.
 Section: Kensington Up Section: Kensington Subsubsection: Monday 4 August 1930