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4 July 2018 (Newmarket)

Bessie suggests that it would be good if the organisation could feed information to the group, and Ramsey agrees that he’ll try. The GRO changes its attitudes quite rarely, usually when a new chief is appointed (who tends to think much like the old chief); Sir James is not ailing, but Mr Henderson is the favourite to take over when he does retire.
Millie asks about differences of opinion with other organisations; the Thule Gesellschaft has occasionally been troublesome (they seem to be the German equivalent, but matters over there are a bit confused at the moment).
Dragon attacks are definitely the GRO’s job, which is why they wear the amulets – though they haven’t seen any for around 150 years. The records are patchy, but in the 1700s they seem usually to have gone after a family and then stopped; the weekly pattern was seen once or twice.
Ramsey knows of nothing unusual happening during the knighting ceremonies, and hasn’t heard of the anarchist incident at all – Gertrude explains, including the address. (Ramsey describes the grey space as the “dream realm”, and says that people who’ve gone into it often don’t come back, or are substantially changed.) Ramsey hasn’t heard of the Sisterhood. The group suggests that it would be really handy if they could find and talk with the Sisterhood before the GRO stamps it out.
Ramsey talks a little about recruitment to the GRO. It seems there’s someone determining civil service jobs who knows at least a little about it and sends suitable people its way; as a clergyman’s son he was rather surprised to end up in it.
There doesn’t seem to be a noticeably higher level of magic in France or Belgium, so if there’s anything to the “letting of blood” theory it’s not simple.
Ramsey mentions that he “needs a legend” to explain the material he’s getting from the group; he sets up a dead drop in a left-luggage locker at Waterloo Station.
The weather has finally broken. As the group departs, Bessie looks for watchers, and doesn’t spot any.
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