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15 August 2018 (Meeting the Anarchists)

After some thought, the group returns to London, and lets Gore know that all is well. Audrey considers the problem of any explosives that may still be lying around, and with knowledge from the Akashic Record recognises that some of the soldiers involved were working on exactly that. Bessie reads the papers, then experiments with writing in shine; it’s quite possible to mix magically active ash with ink, or to push one’s own magic into it, but any such writing is obvious on a mundane level as well as magically.
She bicycles past the Bethnal Green house, which appears to be undergoing major building works; the workmen seem to be local, but their foreman is wearing an amulet and may well be a disguised GRO man.
Gertrude leaves a message for Miss Allen and Miss Marsden, requesting a meeting, then spends the evening looking for the Sisterhood.
Audrey talks with Jameson. His main observation is that, according to the anarchists’ doctrine, something like this should have been a signal for a general uprising, but it hasn’t happened; that might suggest that the explosion was rather more than had been expected. He’s not directly involved with the investigation on site, but he’s heard that the night-watchmen didn’t see anything.
Gertrude visits a succession of low establishments, and finds herself caught in an alley with a hand over her mouth and a knife to her back by someone who appears to be connected to the Sisterhood, but speaks purely in hypotheticals. She explains some of what she’s observed so far, and tries to warn the organisation that these deaths may be repeated; her interlocutor mentions that many are willing to give up their lives for the cause. Gertrude had supposed that the deaths were accidental, but now comes to believe that they may have been expected…
 Subsection: 1 August 2018 (A Hundred Tons of Cordite) Up Section: Stratford Subsubsection: Thursday 25 September 1930