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Friday, 27 June 1930

With some idea of re-capturing the images, Audrey looks up how to make a basic pinhole camera, and Milly puts one together.
By the afternoon, there’s been no message left at Samuels Brothers.
Looking up details of the film has revealed mention of an animating amulet on the golem’s chest: it wasn’t obvious during previous encounters, but they can’t say for sure it isn’t there.
In the evening, the group goes golem-hunting, all staying together this time. They come across it just as it’s finishing dealing with an informal band of vigilantes, who seem to have been attacking it with clubs; they’ve been thrown against walls and aren’t taking much interest in what’s going on.
Bessie spies the amulet and moves in; the golem tries to strangle her, but she slips under its hands and pulls the amulet free. The golem slows and stops, and she’s able to lift the amulet over the thing’s head. It starts to crack at once, while the golem itself starts to break apart. Milly taps the static form, and it does just seem to be solid clay, with shine all the way through. Soon there’s just a pile of clay on the ground, visibly shrinking, and the amulet is coming to pieces; Bessie smashes it with a single blow.
Gertrude patches up the vigilantes (it looks as though they’re local shopkeepers and similar) and calls an ambulance; Milly talks with one of the more conscious ones, and gives him the number of the bookshop. The group repairs to a pub to relax a bit.
It’s about half an hour later that they hear the sound of a mob outside. It’s visible in the distance, and windows are getting broken and the occasional car set alight; they stay out of sight, call the police, then go down a parallel street to try to spot where it came from. A pub has been left completely deserted, and as before there are shining footprints on a table.
The group visits the Aubrey townhouse; a butler looks dubious but admits them, but returns to say that St John is not at home. They leave a note describing specific details and locations of both the fight with the golem and the mob, in the hope that he may recognise them from his dreams.
There’s no further sign of supernatural activity; the mob is apparently moving on the Houses of Parliament, and mounted police are involved. Gertrude considers building a sort of ammonia bomb, to wake the somnambulist knifeman Cesare (Dr Caligari’s victim). The group sends a report to Miss Marsden, and starts thinking about getting a long-term accommodation address and telephone answering service.
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