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Thursday 11 September 1930

The funeral is at the Temple Church, and everyone dresses up in their best blacks, with Audrey lending assistance in setting the right tone. To magical senses, the church is visibly old and much cared about; but there’s no sense of magic from the coffin. There’s a substantial crowd, including Sonia, and someone whose tailoring and aura mark him as being from the General Register Office, though the team don’t recognise him. Hansell, the other KC on the list, is also present.
Bessie keeps an eye out for other people whose attention isn’t on the funeral; the GRO man is watching the crowd. Audrey looks for groups; there’s the family, of course, and various clumps of people from various chambers. Gertrude reads the moods; nobody is utterly grief-stricken, and mostly the unhappiness is on the level of losing a professional colleague and perhaps a friend, but not a close friend.
The body is to be buried near Wilson’s home in Liverpool, and is taken away by motor hearse (also with no magic on it). Gertrude arranges with Sonia that they will call later in the afternoon. The GRO man departs when about half the other people have left.
At Sonia’s, they’re able with some difficulty to spot a bulge, though when Audrey measures it it’s only adding about four degrees to the angles. They explain to Sonia, and Lin Tan goes through (with the assistance of a ladder, as it’s high on a wall); she finds that with an exercise of will and acrobatics she’s able to move herself around slightly. She sees images of herself in roles she might have been pushed into had her life gone differently, which look accusingly at her. They’re scattered by a shadow, and she feels that the thing overhead is looking at her, examining every molecule and every memory. She comes back, catching the ladder and making her descent look moderately graceful. The cord (one of Bessie’s) is significantly frayed, perhaps where it was dragged as she was moving. The distortion seems to have gained another two degrees, though it’s hard to be sure with this equipment.
Gertrude, who’s been speculating about connections with fire (Kennedy-Cox as someone who wanted to inspire people, Paton as someone who controlled fire) asks Sonia about this, but she can’t think of anything in connection with Wilson.
Audrey confirms from the papers that a number of senior civil servants have suddenly “died after a short illness”, “been posted to India”, etc., after the outrage in Great Queen Street.
Cassandra & Co. has an actual client, a “Mrs Smith” (presumably not connected to the one Gertrude knows); she will call back to arrange an appointment, and Audrey suggests that this should be in a corner café the next day.
That evening, Bessie and Lin Tan return to Great Queen Street. There are now police guards on all the entrances, but they wait for a distraction and sneak in through an uncompleted window. They’re able to trace the shine from the procession of murderous folk, and even find what seems like an entry point, but there’s no sign of distortion there, and no softening of the world.
Later at Stratford, the demolition of the Settlement has begun; it’s just about possible, with extreme care and perhaps the eye of faith, to spot a slight distortion against the full moon. Milly tries throwing some of the glowing rubble at it, but it’s hard to tell whether anything happened.
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