QRA house rules


Equipment Bond (Warship)

A normal Equipment Bond requires that you own the equipment personally, which is impractical on Navy pay for a warship costing tens of millions of G$. Allowing crew members to buy an equipment bond for their assigned ship is allowable, on the grounds that there are very serious legal restrictions on what they can do with the ship, and they will inevitably be assigned to a different ship within a few years. This perk is most useful for Piloting and Mechanic rolls. Note that it does not apply to the ship’s weapons, although Weapon Bonds for individual weapons systems can be taken.

This perk is not usually applicable to aerospace fighters, because those crews aren’t assigned to a particular fighter, but use whichever one belonging to their squadron is available for the mission.

Equipment Bond (Vacuum Suit or Battlesuit)

This can be taken for your individually issued (or personally owned) suit, and is quite common.