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1 November 2099

(29 April 2020)
Vosper-Babbage Dockyard Asteroid, Terra-Luna L4
Alacrity is to be recommissioned after a major maintenance period. Her crew:
All computers have been upgraded, with more in cargo space, and the cabling infrastructure is restored to factory specification from its… unique previous state.
We have a month of fitting, a month of readying, three months of shakedown, and then rotation into the QRA force under Captain Hawkins of Amazon.
Rear-Adm. Amanda Wreford commands RN cislunar space and is taking a close interest in this most mobile part of her command.
Lt Patel wishes to downgrade their powered armour to a more stealthy but less-armoured model; Lt Young makes the arrangements and the Admiralty is informed.
Head of Personnel, Cdr Mark Gibson, not happy with the vacuum performance of the Marines. For the moment we see if they can put their own house in order.
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