Section: Dirac Up Section: Dirac Subsection: 21 September 2100 

18 September 2100

A Hawking Industries Mochi PSV, Dirac, en route from Earth to Aletheia station has suffered destructive engine sabotage during acceleration; fuel pellet storage appears intact, but the engine is irreparable. The plan is to catch up, dock, and make an extended burn (using their fusion pellets with our overstock antimatter reserves) to recover the ship.
Eddie works on a plan for docking and structural bracing. Dirac’s crew is doing basic forensics on the engine; the sabotage appears to have been software-based, though details aren’t clear.
There doesn’t appear to be an obvious high-value target aboard the ship.
We load with structural bracing materials, a conveyor for fuel from Dirac, and spare antimatter to allow for flexibility in rescue course design; then set out.
 Section: Dirac Up Section: Dirac Subsection: 21 September 2100