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15 May 2100

Message from Wreford: open crypto package 407, sealed orders for predicted possible emergencies, and read plan Downfall, subplan Attilla. There is a large body on collision course with Earth, suspected to be due to hostile action.
(27 May 2020)
The object is identified as 1864 Daedalus, unbeaconed, expected closest approach at M+240 hours but has started to manoeuvre.
Course set for intercept at M+72 hours. No sign of drive plume at this point.
M+3 hours: drive plume observed from L4. This appears to be an offset mass driver fired intermittently.
We have liaison with PLAN-SF who are sending several ships, but with lower speed. No word yet from USAF.
SAC LSDV Jan Smuts is in position for a fast pass only.
USAF is still preparing a response. PLAN-SF sends three SDVs, along with Bundesraumwaffe LSDV Dieter Grau and tanker support.
M+19 hours: Smuts observes towers surrounding mass driver structure, believed to be laser emplacements. With enhancement, laser modules appear to be of American manufacture. They are not of a size to threaten the ship or the AKVs, but the boarding pod will need to take care.
On the front side is a habitation dome, over ambient, with more laser towers. Lasers fire on Smuts, penetrating side armour.
Assault plans involve using AKVs to take down one side’s laser towers, ship’s weaponry on the other side, combined with heavy jamming and active sensors to hide the boarding pod.
 Section: Daedalus Up Section: Daedalus Subsection: 18 May 2100