Station Gustave Lallier


“The Force Aerospatiale maintains six SDVs, dozens of defense platforms, and many OTVs and smaller craft near Mercury. They are serviced out of Station Gustave Lallier (which is also an antimatter production facility), but must be largely independent, as Lallier’s facilities are fairly primitive.” (In the Well)
Antimatter production is moved to teleoperated stations. The fore section spins for 0.2G.
Total cost: $690M.
TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR
10 Station 150 -3/5 14 0.17G/0.3 10,000 1812 +10 90ASV 10


1 Steel Armour dDR 10
2 Open Space (farm)
3-5 Larger Open Space (park)
6 Habitat (60 cabins)


1 Steel Armour dDR 10
2.1 Smaller Solar Panel Array (~2 pp) [A]  [A] Rules exceptions: at Mercury’s orbital distance from the Sun each standard SPA is held to generate 4.6 to 10.6 pp. This smaller SPA is held to be able to provide 1.5 to 3.5 pp to the station as a whole.
2.2 Smaller Habitat (100 tons steerage cargo)
2.3 Smaller Habitat (100 tons steerage cargo)
3 Tactical Array (lv11)
4 Open Space (farm)
5 Hangar Bay (300t)
6 Habitat (Ops Centre +1 for antimatter production control; Ops Centre +1 for local traffic control; 10-bed Clinic with automeds; 30 cabins)
Core Control Room lv9 (10 control stations)


1 Steel Armour dDR 10
2! Factory (Robofac $1M/hour)
3 Cargo Hold (500 tons)
4 Cargo Hold (500 tons)
5 Hangar Bay (300t)
6.1 Smaller Fission Drive (NTR) (0.17G)
6.2 Smaller Fuel tank (150t hydrogen, 0.15 mps)
6.3 Smaller Fuel tank (150t hydrogen, 0.15 mps)
Core Open Space (farm)