Kate Monk's Onomastikon

(Dictionary of Names)



This large territory neighbouring Egypt varied in size and importance. At certain times, much of it was ruled by Egypt and a dynasty of Nubian kings ruled Egypt during the C8th and C7th BC. The ancient Egyptians called the southern part Kush and the northern part Wawat with the partition around Dongola. The capital was at Meroe near Khartoum from around 600 to 350 BC. A people known as the X-group occupied the country from about AD 250-550.



Akanidad Alara Atiqa Hekanefer Iry Kashta
Piankhu Shabaka Shabake Shabataka Silko Talharqa



Amanishakhete Amarurenas Asminia Iras Karimala Qalhata





Anlamani Huy Nastasen      

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