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The original inhabitants of this area, now eastern Algeria were Berbers. The royal dynasty, established with Roman encouragement after the fall of Carthage to Rome, was of Punic or Carthaginian blood. The surrounding land had always been owned by Carthage and became part of the Roman Africa province. The capital city was Cirta.

Despite opposition in Rome, Jugurtha, the illegitimate son of Mastanabal, eliminated the legitimate heirs and became king. After an act of aggression from the Roman Africa Province, Jugurtha (who had served with a Roman legion in Spain and was therefore familiar with their military technique) declared war in 109 BC. He was eventually defeated and taken to Rome to walk in the consul Gaius Marius' victory parade in 104 BC after which he was put to death. Numidia 'nomad's land' was reduced in size and power and a Roman client king, Hiempsal son of Gauda, was put on the throne.

For later history, see Algeria.

Numidian Names


Adherbal Bomilcar Ezena Gauda Gulussa Hiempsal
Iampsas Jugurtha Masinissa Massiva Mastanabal Micipsa
Nabdalsa Naravas Oxyntas Sypax Syphax Tacfarinas
Tychaeus Vermina Zeteres      


Anno Salammbo Sophonisba      


Name Reign Family Wives
Masinissa -148 BC Established by Rome  
survived longest
sons of Masinissa  
Jugurtha 118-104 illeg son Mastanabal dau Bocchus of Mauretania
Hiempsal   neph J? son of Gauda Sophonisba,
Salammbo, Anno
Juba I c 49-30    
Juba II 30-19   Salome, dau. Mark Antony + Cleopatra

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