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(Dictionary of Names)


Capital : Cairo


Size: 387 000 sq m Popn: 55 163 000


At the end of the Dynastic Period, Egypt was ruled by a family of Macedonians descended from Alexander the Great's general Ptolemy, from 310 BC until coming under the control of the Roman Empire under Julius Caesar. This lasted from 30 BC until 395 AD when Byzantium or Constantinople took over after the fall of Rome.

The country then came under Arab influence and was ruled by the Ottoman Empire from 1517-1805. The Khedeval Period lasted from 1805-1914 when Egypt became a British Protectorate and in 1922 a monarchy was established. Although the British occupation ended in 1936, troops were still stationed there until 1954 when they left after increased guerrilla activity and the deposition of King Farouk. The country was declared a Republic in 1953.

Russia and America have both made financial contributions but the major influences on politics and the economy are the extremely high rate of population increase and Islamic fundamentalism. The Christian Coptic church is also present and languages such as French and English are widely spoken with the official Arabic.

(For names and history from the time of the pharaohs, see

Ancient Egypt


Egyptian Names


Abdel Abdelwahab Abdu Addulla Ahmad Ahmed
Alheib Ali Anwar Arabi Boutros Duridar
Fathi Gaballah Gamal Hassan Hisham Hosni
Hossam Kareem Labib Mahmud Mohammed Moneim
Muhammed Nader Nassir Nokrashy Omar Roushdy
Saled Sami Samir Sef Shadi Shenouda
Taha Tamer Tawfiq Tewfik Wagih Yahiya
Yahya Yasser Zaki      


Abeer Aziza Bahiah Ditas Efra Fathia
Fatima Halima Hind Huda Indihar Intisar
Lotus Maha Mahasin Nabeela Nabila Nadine
Nagla Nagwa Nawal Nema Nyla Ola
Rakia Rasha Samira Shaheen Shahira Sherin


Abdelsatta Al Effendi Al Gahary Al-Assel Al-Fayed Allam
Al-Sadat Aly Amir Batrawi Camona Chahine
Eborolossy El Borolossy El Hindi El Sayed Fahim Fathy
Ghali Ghandour Habachi Hakki Hazem Iamam
Mahfouz Mahmoud Marsal Medhat Mostafa Moussa
Mubarak Nabih Nagib Naguib Nasser Rassul
Reis Saad Saadauri Sabry Salam Samy
Shabana Shehata Sindhom Tamer Tantawi Tarek
Tulun Youssef Zein      


Ikshidid Dynasty

Muhammad al Ikshid 935-69    
al Mu'izz -975 Kairawan  
al Az'iz 975-96 son of al Mu'izz  
al Hakim -1021    
al Zahir 1021-35 son of al Hakim  
al Mustansir 1035-94    
al Adid -1171 last Ikshidid  


Mohammad Ali c 1832    
Abbas I -1854    
Mohammad Said 1854-67    
Ismail 1867-79    
Tewfiq 1879-92    
Abbas II Hilmi 1892-1914 dep.    
Hussein Kemel 1914    


Fuad I 1922-    
Farouk -1952 abd.    
Fuad II 1952 infant son of Farouk  

Republic declared


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